Lanette’s Blog: Five Hours

Written by on August 13, 2019

That’s the amount of sleep that I usually get a night. And in no way is it ever… go to sleep and wake up five blissful hours later. It’s get the kids to bed, get stuff ready for the morning, finally crash, wake up to a crying baby, rock back to sleep, there’s usually another one getting up with an upset stomach or needing a glass of water or having a bad dream or whoops — mom I think I just had an accident. So, it’s five hours, but piecemealed together. I rely on coffee to get me going and keep me going. I try to eat as healthy as I can but it’s hard. I would love to meal-plan on Sunday nights wearing an apron and heels from my freshly cleaned kitchen, but sister… it’s just not happening. (And I don’t get enough sleep at night to be able to dream that big.) And I’m saying all of this because I know I’m far from alone in any of this. Showers, a clean shirt, a hot cup of coffee, private time in the bathroom… the ‘you’ before kids would never believe that these were things you’d be so thankful for how many years later. It’s ridiculous. It’s fantastic. If you made it to your kid’s soccer practice on time, you’re amazing. If you got to your kid’s doctor’s appointment 10 minutes late… amazing. If you got lost as you tried to drop your kid off at a birthday party… still amazing. And even though Facebook shows a whole bunch of moms taking field trips, doing craft projects, cooking gorgeous meals and hosting beautiful events at their even more beautiful home… it’s alright! What I try to remember every day is to give myself a break. Let myself off the hook. Sometimes that means leaving a pile of laundry sitting in front of the washing machine. Sometimes that means leaving the shower running so it sounds like I’m still in there when really I’m laying on my bed making absurd purchases but doing it just because I’ve got a second to myself (I’ve heard that moms do this…I would never). You’re doing it. And it’s an amazing life. And this would’ve been much more concise… had I gotten more than five hours of interrupted sleep last night.

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