Jillene’s Blog: Moonlight Meditation Lessons

Written by on September 14, 2019

I’ve always loved looking at the moon and stars. From a young age, the light of the moon and stars has brought me comfort.

Although I’m not very educated on the moon phases and the effects that a Full Moon can have, I take them into consideration for my life now. I know that the energy of a Full Moon can be a great time to release old feelings and bring a sense of new beginning (especially during a Supermoon).

A couple months ago, I received a wonderful gift from a friend of mine… a book of “Moonlight Meditations.” It’s filled with 365 meditations, one for each day of the year, and has become one of my favorite nightly traditions. Most of the readings are short, and some include a quote to go along with them. They have really become a powerful part of my day, and even on the hectic days where I struggle to find a moment of silence, they’ve often grounded me and allowed me that relief.

I could share the entire book with you, because all the meditations are so touching. Instead I’ll link to the book on Amazon here, and share one of my favorite passages I’ve come across recently with you below. The lesson of “perspective” has been showing up a lot for me lately, and this is one that I found to be really enlightening…

(Another thing I’d like to share with you… if you love looking at the moon too, Monona Terrace has another “Moon Over Monona Terrace” event coming up, where they’ll have dozens of really fancy telescopes set up so you can see the moon up close. I plan on going. It’s on Friday, October 4 from 7-9:30PM. Click here for more information on the event, and say hi when you see me there!)

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