Magic 98’s New Year’s Concert

Written by on December 30, 2019

Imagine a concert where the headliners are Billy Joel, James Taylor, Maroon 5, Fleetwood Mac, Mariah Carey, and Elton John. Include all the big stars from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s along with them, and imagine that concert is happening right here in Madison.

How much do you think a ticket would cost you?

Would you believe . . . nothing?

That’s the lineup for Magic 98’s New Year’s Concert on Wednesday, January 1! You don’t need a ticket, you don’t need a sitter, and the concession stand is as close as your own kitchen. Fill your day with hour after hour of live music from the Magic Music Vault from the first minute of the new year right through 7:00 New Year’s Night.

Happy New Year, and thanks for listening to Magic 98!


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