Jillene’s Blog: Snug Shoes Life Hack

Written by on January 8, 2020

You hear about “life hacks” all the time. Have you tried any that actually work? I recently bought a pair of shoes that ended up being too snug after wearing them a day or two. Going up a whole other size made them too big, so I was stuck with these ones. I remembered a life-hack that I saw somewhere on the vast World Wide Web… tried it, and it actually worked!
Now, my shoes fit perfect. If you have a pair of shoes that are just a little too snug and you don’t want to go up to a bigger size, try this…
Fill up a small Ziploc bag with water, put them inside your shoe – and place shoe in the freezer overnight. As the water in the bag expands, it will stretch out your shoe! I had to do this 2-3 times with my shoes before it felt perfect, and so far, the shoe hasn’t “gone back” to its original size.

Let me know how if it works for you – or if you have any other life hacks that you swear by! Email me at Jillene@magic98.com or find me on Facebook.

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