Kathryn’s Blog: A Happy Accident

Written by on January 18, 2020

This past years cookie making and sales were better then ever, I’m so happy to make so many other people happy. I had this really adorable tea pot timer for years and years. Each batch of Ginger Molly cookies gets eight minutes. Well, it took me four batches of them to realize my timer was stop at six minutes and start again! So after I tossed that timer, 56 over-baked Molly’s got stuffed into the freezer. I could not sell them but nor could I pitch them! They were not burnt, just over done for how my Molly’s are supposed to be. Well, a brainy idea came to me in the middle of the night. I make a killer cheesecake, why not make crumbs out of those bad boys?  I put the Ginger Molly cookies in a thick plastic bag, got my trusty rolling pin and wacked, then pounded, then rolled them until I had enough to line the cheese cake spring form pan. I had to add more butter to get them to stick together, but my seven judges, Ginger Martin and Netty Hansen, Kim and Scott Smith, (owners of the Nae-Set Roe B&B), Kim Walter (All Through the House) & my son Gregg and his partner Tara, all agreed with me, a hit! Better then ordinary graham cracker crumbs hands down. I have not decided yet if I want to go through all that to make the crust again but like Bob Ross was famous for saying, no mistake, just a happy accident!
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