Month: April 2020

Last week, I went to Verona for an appointment with my chiropractor, Dr. Tara at Verona Chiropractic. I had to go. It had been long enough and my back & neck were not happy with all the extra couch surfin’ I’ve been doing. For the record, they are taking extra precautions like wearing masks and […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is 20 month-old, Lily, from Mt. Horeb! She was nominated by her grandma, Vicky, who says… “This is Lily, caught snitching cookies. She is a wonderful little girl with a personality all her own… one which has earned her the affectionate nickname ‘Earl.’  She also loves her brother Finley […]

Right now, there’s a lot to be thankful for. We’re especially thankful for our local doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, teachers, grocery store staff, first responders, truckers, and delivery workers… the list of people working to keep our community healthy and strong goes on and on. Maybe you’re thankful for a complete stranger that […]

Inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s birthday earlier this week!

I’m standing on a dock at Aldo Leopold Nature Center, when I hear a woman yell from the other side… some crack about if this is enough distance. We ended up talking for 8-10 minutes. And by talking, I mean yelling at each other across 20 feet of water. She told me she fell while […]

Nikki from Madison unknowingly kept waking her daughter up in the middle of the night…  

Christina from Brodhead accidentally got her daughter sopping wet…  

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is eight-month-old, Piper, from Baraboo! She was nominated by her grandma, Brenda, who says… “My granddaughter is full of life! She’s sassy, beautiful, funny, has the biggest smile and she makes you giggle. She is just about ready to crawl, loves music, and adores her mom and dad immensely!” […]

Little known fact: there is a precise number of beans that must be used!

Grace. It’s a beautiful name. It’s even better as a virtue. It’s a word that has continually popped into my head over the last month. Emotions are running high no matter where you go… and you can sit and try to define everything. And look online to find out just how to treat these new found […]

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