Kathryn’s Blog: Stay At Home Perks

Written by on April 7, 2020

Like many of us who have had to leave their posts ‘until further notice,’ I thought I would first like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to call, message, and/or email my birthday wishes on April 1. In particular, my brother and fellow writer, Richard Kralik. His real card, in a real envelope was such a treat, particularly because he addressed it to Lady Kathryn Vaughn. We both write fantasy/science fiction but he has a very stylized writing style! He has a marvelous, deep voice and reads his stories into audio books. It’s one of the perks of this please-save-your-life-and-stay-at-home time; oooodles of time to write and catch up with him and his work. Where I am pragmatic, he is very romantic and funny as h-e-double-hockey-sticks! I can honestly say I am so very grateful for all this time to work on my trilogy. I feel like I am a swarm of bees let loose in a field of a fragrant flowers! Oh the tea kettle? I’d be lost without my three cups of Barry’s Irish tea. This little beauty is one of the best things I own! I’m off to vote, I hope you will if you can today too!

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