Lanette’s Blog: Grace

Grace. It’s a beautiful name. It’s even better as a virtue. It’s a word that has continually popped into my head over the last month. Emotions are running high no matter where you go… and you can sit and try to define everything. And look online to find out just how to treat these new found problems and issues. But it all comes down to one word… ‘grace.’ Give it, take it, offer it, smoosh it all around like peanut butter on bread. (Great…now I’m hungry.) Because, life is just one big decision-making process. And you can go with your emotions, or you can go with grace. And by choosing grace… that doesn’t mean that you’ll always just magically fall into that beautiful place. (That place that it looks like everyone else has figured out how to get to based on their perfect pictures on social media.) Sometimes you’ll have to work through emotions and make wrong decisions before finding grace… but it’s a destination worth the trudge, I’m told at least. I’m still working to get there, too.

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