Jillene’s Blog: Pick up the Phone

Written by on January 21, 2021

By now, you have had to find really creative ways to spend time with your friend. Zoom brunches, Facetime movie nights, heck… I’ve even started writing letters and sending cards to my friends in the mail. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve realized that human connection, especially with humans that have known me for a long time, is so important. Every weekend, I try to connect with at least one friend and gab for as long as we can. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to do it twice. One conversation lasted three hours! A lot of these conversations are deep, genuine, real. We’re talking about how we’re actually holding up during this strange time in our lives.

During a recent call, a friend said to me… “I haven’t told anyone this…” I’ve heard that from people before, but this time it really resonated. What incredible trust! To be the person that you’ll tell something to – something that no one else knows yet, or may not ever know – that is the type of friend I strive to be for everyone. I want to be a trusting beacon of light. A place you can call home. No fear. No judgement. A listener. A support system.

For almost a year, we’ve had to work harder at our relationships. I hope you have someone you can trust. And I hope you’re finding ways to stay connected to them in a world of “social” distancing, stay-at-home orders, and masks. For me, that has been a lot of good, “old fashioned” phone calls.

Pick up the phone and call someone. Don’t text… call. Connect. Laugh with your friends. It will energize your soul!

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