Author: Fletcher Keyes

That time when it didn’t go so well…  

If you don’t know the difference between a quilt and a duvet, if you don’t get word jokes, or if you’re concerned about having weak gardening skills, maybe Magic 98’s Robot Therapist can help you.  

Proof that everyone’s job has been affected by the pandemic.

Bet you didn’t know what “TUBA” stands for!

If you can’t figure out who wears the pants in your relationship, or are wondering if you’re making any progress in your sorry life, well then maybe Robot Therapist could help you…    

A mourner shares “a word” with the grieving widow…

If you’re feeling lost, if you are troubled by fat fingers, or if need to have your parking validated, well then it’s quite possible that Robot Therapist can help you…  

Summer is here? Summer is here! You can easily say it both ways, since it is Summer, but who knows exactly what kind of Summer it will be. Proof of that is this week’s first Concerts On The Square? That’s with a question mark, because, though it is a concert, it’s at the Duck Pond […]

My Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog… Okay, prove it.

What do you do when your neighbors are noisy, things don’t go the way you want, or you discover that talk isn’t cheap? You ask Robot Therapist for answers!  

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