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It would be great it it would, but it really never could…    

Relationships are definitely complicated…

Can pizza have its own party? How do you say LOL properly? How do you find inner peace? All the answers are here!

Advice this time on weighted blankets, fear of ghosts, and The Breakfast Club. Robo  

Mom thinks you never call. Now she knows you never call!

Not every marriage proposal goes the way you think it will!

Happy National Limerick Day! Here’s a new limerick that probably wouldn’t have been possible without all of the Public Service Announcement cliches, thanks to the dang virus… In these most uncertain times Our cliché use, everyday, climbs Now more than ever We’re in this together Even though we’re apart, makin’ rhymes Hear Fletcher Keyes on the Magic Morning Show with Lanette […]

What a difference a year can make! A year ago, the beginning of May, it was cold and wet and all around blech-y. And it upset me. So I chastised May, I excoriated May, because it had been bad! I gave it a good talkin’-to. Here’s what I said a year ago on May 1 […]

Inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s birthday earlier this week!

It’s not what you might think!

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