Author: Fletcher Keyes

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If you’re having a “Tuesday,” I might know why. A friend mentioned today (it’s a Tuesday as I’m writing this) that “it still feels like a Monday today. Maybe Tuesday should just be re-named as ‘Monday, Part 2.’” My thought was “well, yeah, why not re-name Tuesday” since it doesn’t really have any distinguishing characteristics and […]

The month of May seems to have lost its way, and I believe that what it needs most is a good talkin’ to… Oh May, what have you become? For all my life, my favorite month, let me count the waysThe weather, like a soft kissThe beginning of fishing season, many family birthdaysFlowers and trees […]

What every relationship needs…

If you love dogs, you might love this…

I have volunteered for many things over the years- coaching, leading youth groups, hosting charity events, fixing up homes for those who are unable to do it themselves, and even picking up litter. Oh, and I have volunteered to drink beers, when asked. Sooooo… upon discovering Madison’s new community service/beer drinking group, I have to […]

Who knew a sneeze could lead to this….?

Your fantasy comes true…

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