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This is why your boss wants you to work hard…

On this episode of Fletch & Lanette’s Bonehead Theater, “The Burglar and the Parrot.” You never know who’s watching…

Would I? Wood eye. There is a difference.

New tax law definitely requires me to make a change. It might be doing the same for you. You’ve heard the stories about reduced tax refunds this year. Since we get a few bucks extra in each paycheck, it adds up over the course of a year to reduce any potential refund. And if you’ve […]

Maybe it’s because Plant Dane is a local non-profit, it doesn’t get as much exposure as it should, and it should! I love to plant a flower bed, so I was thrilled to discover last year the annual Plant Dane native plant sale that happens just once a year. The thing is, you have to […]

Remember this trick if you ever need to make the “coffin” stop.

Sometimes, according to Lanette and Fletch, it’s just too cold for even a groundhog to be outside. Click play below to hear Fletch and Lanette’s “Bonehead Theater”…

I’m learning pretty quickly how welcoming Magic 98 listeners can be. For the new guy that’s special, and definitely not taken for granted! Whether it was by phone, email, Facebook, or in person I say “thank you” to the many who have said “welcome to Magic 98” to me, including Dori, Trucker Dave, Heather G, […]

Pat O’Neill had some very large shoes. As in, “big shoes to fill”. I told Pat that I would try to fill them, even though I don’t believe that anybody really could. But what I promised to Pat was something that I know I can do. I promised Pat that even if I couldn’t fill his […]

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