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Another Wine Wednesday is coming up at Bonefish Grill on Mineral Point next to West Towne Mall. It’s on April 5, and I’m super-excited about this one because we will be featuring a red blend that I had never tried before (but fell in love with) and one of my favorite whites. Wine Wednesdays at […]

It’s that time of year when the birds start singing again, and migrating. Just this week I spied some canvasback ducks and ring-neck ducks making a stop-over on their way to Canada for the summer. Bird watching is my big hobby. Some people collect stamps. I collect bird sightings to add to my life list. Every […]

You’ve been asking about it and now it’s back! I’m talking about Magic 98’s Wine Wednesday at Bonefish Grill. It’s an opportunity for you to enjoy a glass of premium wine for an excellent price. The whole idea of Wine Wednesday developed out of my love for wine. I enjoy entertaining and sharing a nice […]

You often hear me talk about Truman, my dog. I also have a cat. Her name is Chili, and you may have heard me talk about her as well. She is a beautiful cat with tortoiseshell coloring and a personality bigger than any room she stands in. I’ve had a cat in my life ever […]

I am a self proclaimed germophobe with the stuff to prove it. I have an arsenal of surgical masks, surgical gloves, disinfectant wipes, spray, and hand sanitizer in my desk drawer. And since all kinds of illnesses have been spreading around the office, I have been not afraid to employ any of these items to […]

If you feel pressure to make some kind of resolution to lose weight, or save more money,  or eat better in 2017 . . . stop! Pressuring yourself to better yourself just because it’s January 1 is almost setting yourself up to fail. When you’re ready, when YOU are READY to make a change in […]

I came across an interesting post on Facebook last month.  It was a Random Acts of Kindness Advent calendar.  I loved the idea of it so much that I shared it on my own Facebook page and the Magic 98 Facebook page.  Instead of getting a piece of chocolate or little trinket for you each […]

Thanksgiving, for me, is almost just as wonderful as Christmas because I had a grandmother who was blessed with the ability to cook a meal that would make your eyes close with your first bite of anything on your plate. She was born in 1902, the daughter of German immigrants, and one of nine children. […]

I’m sad that my annual fall vacation to Door County is over. It was one of the best visits I’ve ever had. I feel refreshed, relaxed and have made a lot of wonderful memories this year. Door County always does this for me.  If you have never been, I highly recommend a visit. I’ve been […]

Growing up, I lived about seven minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan. We have a lighthouse in my hometown. It’s one of the prettiest in Michigan. (It’s in the picture above.) My friends and I would go walking out on it Friday and Saturday nights and let our legs hang off the side of […]

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