Author: Jillene

By now, you have had to find really creative ways to spend time with your friend. Zoom brunches, Facetime movie nights, heck… I’ve even started writing letters and sending cards to my friends in the mail. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve realized that human connection, especially with humans that have known me for a long time, […]

Who knew Teriyaki was so lazy! Click here for the recipe. For more of Lanette’s Lazy Recipes, click here!

It’s official… I am a goofy cat lady! It’s been a little over a week since I brought my fur baby home and at times I ask, ‘what did I get myself into?’ Those times are usually at 3AM when Kitty is pawing my face and telling my it’s time to play… Funny story… when […]

Barb from Janesville left her almost 2 year-old alone for a second so she could use the bathroom…    

Trisch from Janesville got caught in a lie..

This is three ingredients and no churning. Mix and freeze! Perfect to cool down on these warm summer days we’re having. Click here for the full recipe! For more of Lanette’s Lazy Recipes, click here.

As a kid, I spent a lot of weekends at cemeteries. We had a lot of people to visit. My dad, grandparents, uncle. My brother and I would play catch with those Velcro hand-gloves (90s kids will know what I’m talking about) and I’d collect rocks to leave with the headstones. We’d usually stop at […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is six-year-old, Rayne, from Madison! She had two nominations! Her mom, Krystal, says… “Rayne is a sweet, Kind, caring, and fun little girl. She loves to learn new things, and is very smart. She enjoys playing outside, camping, hiking at state parks, and building fairy houses. She was […]

With the cooler weather… we start to crave comfort food. Yes you have to plan ahead of time, but it’s so lazy, just five ingredients and so delicious. Click here for the full recipe and click here for more of Lanette’s Lazy Recipes!

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is one & a half-year-old, Hailey, from Darlington! She was nominated by her mom, Lynnette, who says… “Hailey is a feisty 1.5 year old! She was a big surprise for her mom and dad, coming 8.5 years after they had two boys! She brings a smile to the […]

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