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Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is six-year-old, Andrew, from Janesville! He was nominated by his mom, Mysty, who says… “This kid right here is my rock. He is such a sweet kind and caring soul. He is always so concerned with everyone else that he forgets about himself sometimes. He has so much […]

COVID-19 has changed so much of our world. With the upcoming election on November 3, it’s created an increased need for poll workers, as many long-term poll workers are at higher risk for COVID-19. So, if you are healthy and not in a high-risk group, consider becoming a poll worker in your city or in […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is two-year-old, Brody, from Oregon! He was nominated by his mom, Krystal, who says… “This is two-year-old Brody. Brody loves to dig in the dirt while wearing his ‘working man’ gloves and will help you with any project that involves watching an excavator!” Brody wins a T-shirt and […]

It’s almost time to go back to “school,” or the kitchen table, or make-shift classroom in your living room. There’s no doubt, going back to school this year is a lot different in year’s past. Still, with all the challenges you’re facing this year, I know you’ll make the best of it. This time of […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is one-year-old, Vivi, from Monroe! She was nominated by her Mom, Hailey, who says… “Vivi is such a happy baby! She loves food, puppies, music, and cuddling up right next to you. She’s always smiling and laughing and making everyone around her happy.” Vivi wins a T-shirt and […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is one-year-old, Birdie, from McFarland! She was nominated by her Mom, Tiffany, who says… “Birdie girl has a sweet demeanor and endless smiles for anyone that catches her eyes. She loves chasing after her brother and organizing things.” Birdie wins a T-shirt and a family tub of Classic […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is four-year-old, Alexia, from Madison! She was nominated by her Mom, Becky, who says… “Alexia is our funny girl with a heart of gold! There is never a dull moment with her around. She loves to play outside, spend time with her family and take care of her […]

By now, you’ve pulled out all the secrets you have on how to keep yourself and your family entertained as we continue to weather COVID-19 safety measures. Since the weather has really cooperated with us in the last week, I’ve taken advantage by being a tourist in my own backyard. I have gone to a […]

Laura from Madison really messed up dinner for her son…  

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is three-year-old, Lauren, from Baraboo! She was nominated by her grandma, Rosemary, who says… “Lauren is my second granddaughter and is just so fun loving. She is a little dare devil and is a joy to be around. Here she is watering her plant. Lauren joins her sister, […]

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