Bonehead Theater

Bonehead Theater: The Job Interview

That time when it didn’t go so well…


Bonehead Theater: The Burglar

Proof that everyone’s job has been affected by the pandemic.

Bonehead Theater: The Acronym Know-It-All

Bet you didn’t know what “TUBA” stands for!

Bonehead Theater: The Funeral

A mourner shares “a word” with the grieving widow…

Bonehead Theater: My Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog

My Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog… Okay, prove it.

Bonehead Theater: Something That Would Never Happen

It would be great it it would, but it really never could…



Bonehead Theater: Your Mother Hates Me

Relationships are definitely complicated…

Bonehead Theater: You Never Call

Mom thinks you never call. Now she knows you never call!

Bonehead Theater: The Bad Luck Proposal

Not every marriage proposal goes the way you think it will!

Bonehead Theater: The Scene of the Crime

Let this be a lesson to you…

Bonehead Theater: The Queen’s Birthday

Inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s birthday earlier this week!

Bonehead Theater: The Perfect Irish Stew

Little known fact: there is a precise number of beans that must be used!

Bonehead Theater: Benefits of a Long Marriage

Of course, if you’d never have gotten married in the first place…

Bonehead Theater: The Wedding Photos

A little boy discovers the real reason his parents got married…

Bonehead Theater: The Wedding

This is one of those important conversations you might have with your child…

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