Bonehead Theater

Bonehead Theater: The Wedding

This is one of those important conversations you might have with your child…

Bonehead Theater: The Marriage Counselor, Session 3

Here’s a couple that’s making progress… we think.

Bonehead Theater: The Secret To A Long Marriage

It’s not what you might think!

Bonehead Theater: Valentine’s Day

What not to give to your sweetie…


Bonehead Theater: Have You Been Eating Donuts?

It starts with getting pulled over, and ends with a twist!


Bonehead Theater: The Note

When you come home to find a note, from your spouse, on the refrigerator door….


Bonehead Theater: The Secret

It’s the answer to “what makes for a perfect marriage?”


Bonehead Theater: The Honeymoon

How long can this last?


Bonehead Theater: The Wizard of Toto

What do YOU want, Toto?


Bonehead Theater: True Love

We might not all define “true love” in the same way…


Bonehead Theater: The Shirtless Man

Listen much?


Bonehead Theater: That’s The Wine Talking

Pledging your love… to the wine.


Bonehead Theater: I Drive Like My Brother

Some genetic traits are better than others!


Bonehead Theater: How Babies Are Named

Mystery solved.


Bonehead Theater: The Discount Dentist

A reminder that you usually get what you pay for…


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