Bonehead Theater

Bonehead Theater: The Ground Hog

Sometimes, according to Lanette and Fletch, it’s just too cold for even a groundhog to be outside. Click play below to hear Fletch and Lanette’s “Bonehead Theater”…

Bonehead Theater: The Frog

Bonehead Theater: The Casket

Remember this trick if you ever need to make the “coffin” stop.

Bonehead Theater: The Handsome Man With A Wooden Eye

Would I? Wood eye. There is a difference.

Bonehead Theater: The Burglar and the Parrot

On this episode of Fletch & Lanette’s Bonehead Theater, “The Burglar and the Parrot.” You never know who’s watching…

The Honest Boss

This is why your boss wants you to work hard…

Bonehead Theater: Anything You Want for $20

Your fantasy comes true…

Bonehead Theater: Glass Eye

Who knew a sneeze could lead to this….?

Bonehead Theater: My Wife Can’t Hear

Bonehead Theater: Are These Plates Clean?

If you love dogs, you might love this…

Bonehead Theater: Marriage Counselor

What every relationship needs…

Bonehead Theater: Mother’s Day

Bonehead Theater: Who Says Men Don’t Remember

Bonehead Theater: The Skin Graft

Relationships are about “giving” to each other…

Bonehead Theater: The Lottery

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