First Time 5K

Krista and Corinna chat with professional triathlete, running, and cycling coach Petra Killian about her podcast First Time 5k. This podcast is for every runner: The absolute beginner to the starter-over! It’s energetic, vibrant, and fun! Starting with week ONE and every week following, coach PETRA leads every key run of your training week; explains […]

Your last week of training is here, so celebrate big. Pick a fun race outfit, and rally your friends and family to cheer you on. Race day is almost here! You have come so far. Coach Petra will guide you one last time through your key workout and help you sharpen up your body, fitness […]

Welcome to week Eleven and your 5k training “taper”, the “more rest/less running” phase of your training! You have come so far; now is the time to pick a race, commit, and make it happen. You put in the work, so let’s finish together. Coach Petra will sharpen you as a runner and get you […]

Week Ten is here and so is the biggest week of your 5k training plan. 3 short training weeks to go! This week we try to eliminate breaks and run longer and faster. We continue with Fartlek intervals that will be cued this time – every single one. What a fun key workout – let’s […]

Week Nine is here and with this, you are “peaking” as it’s called in training. You are about to finish up the grind of your training. We are proud of you! Now you experience yourself as a real runner and learn what a Fartlek run is all about. Let’s add even more fun to the […]

Key workout and week eight has arrived, runner! This week we are learning to run longer and further with fewer breaks but keep the fun going. Coach Petra is here to guide you through every step and sticks with you while you keep on grinding through. As you run longer it’s sometimes tough to stick […]

You are about to start week seven of your 5k training. YOU GOT THIS! Running endurance, stamina, and speed is now improving. As you continue to train and stick with the plan and consistency you will also run into challenges. Make your runs a priority and you will make it through. Coach Petra helps and […]

Your week six and key training workout is about to start. Even if the distance and intensity stay the same, you always take something new from each run every time you lace up your shoes. Continue to stick with it and experience getting stronger with each run, and every step you take. A cool fact […]

Your key workout five is here! You’ve come a long way. Coach Petra talks about how believing is key to success; success to get through all 12 weeks of training. You can do this and we are here to guide and help you. As you start phase two of your training, you will make more […]

Episode 4 – Your key workout for week four is here and with that Coach Petra continues to guide you with energy and fun motivational cues! You have made a life change now and are part of a community called RUNNERS! Welcome to the completion of phase One of your 5k training. Note that your […]

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