First Time 5K

Your key workout five is here! You’ve come a long way. Coach Petra talks about how believing is key to success; success to get through all 12 weeks of training. You can do this and we are here to guide and help you. As you start phase two of your training, you will make more […]

Episode 4 – Your key workout for week four is here and with that Coach Petra continues to guide you with energy and fun motivational cues! You have made a life change now and are part of a community called RUNNERS! Welcome to the completion of phase One of your 5k training. Note that your […]

Episode three and your third key workout of the week is here! Coach Petra talks about the importance of “sticking with it”. This week is all about a lifestyle change. As some key runs stay the same, we also make little changes every week to build endurance, run stamina, and speed. Download the training guide […]

Episode 2 – Your second key workout is here and coach Petra emphasizes the importance of consistency going forward with your 5k training. Learn how it feels to become a runner (again?). Motivational cues and music continue to guide and push you to finish all the way through this routine. Download the training guide Here.

Episode ONE; your first training week is here! Coach Petra starts out right away with your first key workout of the week and coaches with simple instructions. Enjoy the first workout which eases you from walk into run intervals and keeps you on track with fun motivation verbal cues and music tracks that carry you […]

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