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Jim’s Blog: One Fine Day in 1971

It’s the spring of 1971. I am 11 years old, and a student in Mrs. Barribeau’s fifth-grade class. Although I outwardly hold fast to the cultural conventions of the time regarding the general ickiness of girls, I do not really believe it. I have already pledged something like undying affection
Posted  on May 6, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Tornado Awareness Week

When I was five, the Palm Sunday Tornado went through my hometown of Monroe. It made a big impression on me—and one of the biggest was the way my parents would forever after turn on the radio whenever the skies got dark. When I started working in radio as a
Posted  on April 16, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: An Exclusive Look Inside My Creative Process

On one of the very first American Top 40 shows, dating back to 1970, Casey Kasem is baffled by the title of Chicago‘s song “25 or 6 to 4.” “We’ll figure it out as the weeks go by,” he says. Lots of people are still baffled by that title, but
Posted  on April 6, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Get in the Game

From 1998 to 2000, Sports Night was one of the best shows on TV, and it remains my favorite sitcom ever. It was the first TV show developed by Aaron Sorkin, who later created The West Wing and The Newsroom. In one episode, one of the characters, Dan, was trying
Posted  on March 7, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Test Guy

Next week, public-school juniors all across Wisconsin will take the ACT. If it seems like I haven’t been on the radio all that much these last six weeks, it’s because I have been traveling around the state helping kids prepare for the ACT. I work for a company that presents
Posted  on February 22, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Life Goes On Everywhere

Last weekend I did something I hadn’t done since 1980 (I think): I was on the radio while the Super Bowl was on. While thousands of people in the Madison area were watching the game and/or waiting for the halftime show, I was hosting Sunday at the 80s. I didn’t
Posted  on February 9, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Snowbound in a Hot Tub

The snowstorm this week reminded me of the years I worked at a radio station in small-town Iowa. It was a 70-mile round trip commute from where we lived, so whenever I would otherwise be snowbound at the office, I had a standing invitation to stay in town with the
Posted  on January 25, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Our National Anthems

If you watch the NFL playoffs this weekend, you’ll see various performances of the National Anthem. As the games get bigger, so do the stars who perform the anthem. We’re used to pop performances of that song now, and we’re mostly happy to tolerate stars who put their own twist
Posted  on January 13, 2017
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Jim’s Blog: Goodbye Again, and Again, and Again

Here’s something that’s not a news flash: we have lost a lot of famous people in 2016. It seems like there have been more losses in 2016 than ever before, although a scientist crunched some numbers and concluded that 2016 may not be so unusual. What’s different about this year
Posted  on December 29, 2016
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Weather Games

The weather forecast for the Packers/Bears game on Sunday says that the high temperature might be one below. That would  make it one of the coldest Packer games in history, up there with the famous Ice Bowl in 1967, when the game-time temperature in Green Bay was 13 below, or
Posted  on December 15, 2016