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It often stick my hands in the sink to rinse something out or set it to soak, but on this process I manged to get water inside my watch face. Well I happen to really like my watch. It was not an expensive one, so to pay to have it opened and dried out would […]

The picture below is of is the back yard of the Naeset-Roe Bed & Breakfast I am a part-time caretaker for. Dear Ozzy, the big golden retriever who was the family pet, passed a few weeks ago and he would often just roll around on the grass and look adorable. When I stop being so sad that […]

Just thought this little tip would help you out in the kitchen… I know there are many recipes for making guacamole, but I’m just going in line with Lanette’s Lazy Recipes mode here! For starters, an avocado is best when it has turned uniformly brown. I’ve seen many people cut it in half, dig out […]

What a find! Not only does Evansville have a beautiful lake, with a lovely park and pool, it has its own pair of bald eagles nesting right in sight! While I was there this particular morning, a kind fellow with a powerful telescope let me have a look-see at the one eagle sitting on the […]

Let me say that once again my son, Gregg, has found another fantastic place to have a great meal. Italian food is my favorite so he and his gal, Tara, took me to Osteria Papavero to celebrate. It’s not very big and it is not at all formal. Everything was written on the black board […]

The Oregon Public Library had a special presentation for anyone over six-years-old to come and see Dianne Moller show off three live owls. I am nutty about owls, so I joined a very attentive group to listen, learn, and witness these gorgeous birds of pray in action. As it was held in the Small Gym […]

The best part about Spring is being in it! I recently took a trip to New Glarus, just because I could. The roads are no longer flooded and the ice is all gone. I have mentioned this neat town before because of the fantastic restaurant, The New Glarus Hotel, that makes seven kinds of Rosti […]

  This is Sally and Donna, my good friends, at Donna’s birthday lunch. Whenever I ask Donna how old she is, she airily waves a hand and says “old enough to know life is too short to not have what you want out of it.” That is her way of saying, we will all order […]

Who was the clown who left my back window open during the snow storm? Me! It was also me who took this mystical shot (below) of the moon a few days after Christmas at 5:30AM. Many years ago, I spent one winter bitterly complaining about the cold, making every day a miserable one waiting for a […]

KV’s Oats & Groats (no wheat and lots of soluble fiber! I get my supplies in the live bins at the Yahara Co-Op.) In a 1 Quart sauce pan add: 1/2 cup oats 1/4 cup groats 1/3 cup steel cut oats 1/8 cup flax seed 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 2 cups of water Bring to […]

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