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As a writer, I am always mystified by words. I always want to know how they came about and why they stay around. These are my newest fascination–groups of things named differently and not in a way I would think. I’ll list them to show you what I mean: A herd of elephants. A flock […]

Did you realize that happiness is an achievement? It’s true and I learned it on my tea tag yesterday. I’ve been drinking Yogi tea almost every day for months now because green tea is so good for you. Berry DeTox is my favorite, I don’t have to add anything to be able to drink it! […]

I am still in limbo wondering what it is going to be like without Pat being the anchor of Magic 98. From day one, he was the one who assured me when ever I screwed up it was not the end of the world, and always offered some helpful advice to get over the blunder. […]

Whenever Joe does not come when I call him, I always have to check his favorite haunts first before I start to worry. Most times it means he is napping or doing his yoga moves. He is often right below the radio in my kitchen listening to Magic 98. I leave it on for him […]

I can hardly believe that I have lived so close to such an amazing restaurant and was unaware of the treasure I was missing. My good friend, Susan, lives in Shullsburg and I live in Stoughton, and she had a great idea recently to meet in the middle. I had such a nice time with […]

I’ve been living in Stoughton since 2001, and have been involved with the Stoughton Area Resource Team (S.T.A.R.T.) as much as I can. It’s a special, local, resource that acts as a safety net for those in crisis. It’s unique because it’s geared for those under age 55. There are services for moms, and seniors […]

The trees are doing their thing here in Wisconsin and when that happens, I usually make several trips to Oakwood Fruit Farm. Perfect excuse to take a short, gorgeous day trip and witness the beauty of our state! At Oakwood, they have samples of things you can ‘try before you buy’ like apples, cherries, apple cider […]

I am constantly astounded by how many devoted fans there are to Wisconsin football. Even nature gets in on the fun! I lived here for many years before it dawned on me that the reason we wear these colors. . . is because it is the color of our state when you drive though it in […]

I’ve long been of the notion that whatever you really loved doing as a child is what you will really love doing as an adult as your job. I’ve even done some informal research and found it to be 100% true so far. I stopped by the Kickapoo Diner for a great breakfast on my […]

I got this little palm tree island from a friend of mine many years ago. It came with mermaids, a treasure chest, and it floats beautifully. However, Joe hates the bathtub (go figure) so it sits in the largest sunbeam that shines into my studio. He has three driftwood hunks, his little garage (that acts […]

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