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How lucky am I to have been loved by her? My grandma, Evelyn Hansen, passed away last week. She was 97 years old and, man. . . did she live every single second of those 35,000+ days. Growing up, my memories of her are filled with laughter, cooking, baking, gardening, card and game playing, and […]

I’ve had lots of people ask me how I feel about Pat O’Neill leaving Magic 98. Well. . . before even thinking about the words he said to me about a month ago, my most overwhelming feeling was pride. To do what he’s doing at this stage of his career takes guts and I’m so […]

I have a six-year-old, a four-year-old and a two-month-old… and I did it. I signed myself up and I even showed up — to my first ballet class in 25 years. Dance was something I did for the first 18 years of my life and I loved it. When I went to college, I found […]

Okay then… I’ve been back for three weeks now. My family has gotten back into a routine. Imogene goes to sleep somewhere around 6:00, and will give me a good four or five hours before she wakes up to eat again. And when she wakes up, she doesn’t cry. It’s the cutest thing… she just […]

It’s been six weeks that I’ve been able to say I have a daughter and it really has been a dream. And it started out that way even as we were checking in for her delivery. It was a 3:30AM alarm which was my same ol’ morning show alarm. We had a 5:00AM check-in and […]

This blog was to be posted after I became a mom of three. So… seeing that’s probably the case, you can bet on the fact that I haven’t gotten much sleep but am happy as heck to not be pregnant anymore. It was so hard to wait for this little girl but I’m thrilled to […]

SUMMER!!! It’s not technically here until next week, but this weekend, the heat and humidity are a-comin’. Don’t hate me, but I love this weather. I like sitting in a chair on the deck with a popsicle in this weather. But I won’t be willingly running a 5K when the heat index makes it feel […]

The last few weeks of school, in my memory, were always filled with fun and excitement. Your schedule had nothing to do with math and everything to do with cleaning up the room and final memories with that teacher. But man … now I have an insane amount of appreciation for my mom, who managed […]

We had a family wedding this past weekend. My brother and his family came in from Boston, and it was a great week together.  Lots of time with people we don’t always get to see, too! And with most hugs came the question: “So, how much time is left until baby is here?” I answered […]

It’s been the ultimate “do as I say, not as I do” week. Dealing with a cold is not what I had time for. Instead of getting the sleep and taking it easy that I tell my boys is best, I had a week with tons to do and lots of places to be. So […]

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