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Abby from Madison needs to be better at traffic control.

Becky from Madison shouldn’t give kids sharp things.

There’s no reason your late-night sweet tooth treat shouldn’t be lazy as well! I highly recommend a scoop of frosting or whipped cream on top. Here’s the recipe for 3-2-1 Cake: One box angel food cake mix One box cake mix, any flavor Mix two cake mixes together in a large Ziplok bag. Then put […]

Sita from Sun Prairie shouldn’t underestimate her daughter’s abilities.

Kathleen from Madison was just trying to follow directions.

Brynn from Deerfield can’t always remember everything….

No need to worry about everything falling out of the taco shell. Get the recipe and see a picture here.

Zoe from Madison needs to investigate before saying yes.

Don’t plan on leftovers with this one. Get the recipe and see a picture here.    

Suzy from Madison should have tried one more time.

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