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What kind of mole is National Mole Day recognizing?

National Mole Day recognizes the mole, a special number in chemistry, a unit of measurement used in chemistry to express amounts of a chemical substance.


Here are three of the things we think are amazing about Lodi, two of which are true. You tell us which one is not true about Lodi: 1) Lodi is the 201st biggest city in Wisconsin (3,200). 2) Suzie the Duck is the official mascot of the City of Lodi. 3) The people of Lodi eat more cheese per capita than any other city in the world.

#3 is not true, even though the people of Lodi (and Wisconsin) eat 32 pounds of cheese per person per year. Turns out the people of Greece eat 68 pounds of cheese, per person, per year.


Happy birthday to this guy… he’s 42. (audio clip below). Who is that guy?

John Mayer


Here are the ingredients for a Lanette’s Not-so-lazy recipe. Based on the ingredients, what is Lanette cooking up? (audio clip)

Gumbo! (The voice, by the way, was Chef Isaac Toups from New Orleans. See the full video to find out why he includes beer as an ingredient by clicking here!)


It’s this guy’s birthday today (10/10). He’s 46, but was little bit younger when he was on this TV show. Listen carefully… who is this?

A) Mario Lopez, as AC Slater on “Saved By The Bell”


Here are three UW Homecoming traditions, though only one of them still exists today, which one?

1) The UW Hobo Parade 2) Law School Students tossing canes over the goalpost 3) The Homecoming Bonfire 1) Law School Students tossing canes over the goalpost still exists today. Legend says that if law students successfully toss their canes over the goal post and catch them, they will win their first court case. The Hobo parade was started in 1920, but UW put an end to it by 1930. And there used to be a Homecoming Bonfire, but it was cancelled in 1946 when “rambunctious crowds” caused a near riot.


The leaves turn fall colors when they don’t have enough what?

A)Chlorophyll B) Alkaline C) Cow Bell C) Chlorophyll – a green pigment responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis


We’re going to give you the names of three of Taylor Swift’s former boyfriends. You tell us what boyfriend order they should be in- who came first, middle, and last?

Calvin Harris, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas. Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Calvin Harris


“Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November”- which months are not 30 days long?

January, February, March, May, July, August, October, December


Tell us what Cranberries song this lyric is from: “oh, I thought the world of you, I thought nothing could go wrong.”?



Like Farm Aid, the Luke Bryan Farm tour coming to Marshall, WI supports farmers by donating to which of the following: 1) Tuition for dairy cows to learn how to polka 2) Tuition for chickens to learn how to do their own taxes 3) Tuition for college students from farm families near each Farm Tour concert


Tell us which one is not a Fall Fun Fact… 1) Fall was invented by one the first pilgrims whose name was Autumnus Fall, the Second 2) More than 300 TV shows premiere new seasons in the Fall 3) It takes about 40 apples to make a gallon of apple cider. Of course, the answer is #1!


What kind of cheese is string cheese?



It’s this guy’s birthday today (9/19)… Who is he?

Jimmy Fallon


Jason was the evil character, played by many different actors through the Friday the 13th movie series. What was Jason’s last name?



We’ve added to the Magic Fun and Games Department with a state of the art “Wheel of Cheese” game. Spin the wheel of cheese, and prove your cheese knowledge by identifying each cheese by name, based on its description… get two out of three right to win.

1) More of this kind of cheese is made in Wisconsin than anywhere else (Cheddar or Mozzarella)

2) Was among the first semi-soft cheeses European immigrants made in Wisconsin, with a name that might be considered “scary” (Muenster)

3) First made in the central Wisconsin town of Colby in 1885, it’s similar in flavor to Cheddar (Colby)


On this day in 1990 (9/10), Will Smith and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air debuted. Listen to this line from the Fresh Prince theme, and tell us the next line that follows immediately…

(Answer below…)


When the Badger football team played at South Florida on Friday night, as a result of being there, the Badgers did something they hadn’t done in more than 30 years? What?

Played a regular season game in Florida (of course they’ve played bowl games there lots, but the last regular season game was in 1988 at Miami).


At Taste of Madison this weekend you’ll find the same item at 7 different restaurant booths… The Old Fashioned, Boulder Brew Pub, All Star Catering, Curd Girl, Just Veggiez, Tipsy Cow. What is the one item that you can find at all seven of those booths at Taste?

Cheese curds!


A recent poll asked “if you could have a million dollars or your pet, which would you take?”

Of course, women and men answered differently. Within 10%, what percentage of women do you think said they would rather keep their pet than have a million bucks? 94% of women would keep their pet. 66% of the dudes would do the same.


This actor is best known for movies like School of Rock, Tropic Thunder, and Shallow Hal. He’s also known for his alter ego as part of a fictional rock band called Tenacious D. Who is he? (clip)

Jack Black

For this question, we’re going to play “Back To School The Price Is Right!” This year it will cost $697 per kid, on average for back to school stuff. Now you could spend that $697 on your kid, or you could buy one of the following with that same $697 – which one? A) a good quality saddle for your horse B) a custom made statue of yourself C) 175 tubes of Crest toothpaste… The answer is C! Most good saddles cost quite a bit more, and depending on the materials and size you choose for your personal statue, it could easily run from $5,000 to $75,000.


Melissa McCarthy has a new movie coming out soon, “The Kitchen.” What you’re about to hear is from one of her funny movies… which one? (clip)



A Madison neighborhood tradition begins tonight (8/22), the Orton Park Festival. A tradition of the festival is after dark performances of Cycropia Aerial Dance, tonight and tomorrow night. They’re a little different than the usual dance troop, because of where they perform. Where is that? In the trees!


A very famous person was recently a guest on 60 minutes, and he was asked how he discovers new music today (audio clip). Who is he?

Paul McCartney


We’ve stitched together parts of three songs, all with the word “good bye” in their titles. Give us the full title for all three songs to win.

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Kiss Him Goodbye,” and “50 Ways To Say Goodbye”


The male voice you’re about to hear is 50 years old today (8/19)… who is he? (clip)

Matthew Perry (Chandler on Friends)


National Tell a Joke Day today, so we’re gonna give you one you can tell, but you have to tell us what the punchline is to win… “Have you heard of the new restaurant named ‘karma,’?” “No, I wonder what you get there?” “You get what you deserve.”


Tell us who the main character is in this clip, and what actor he’s impersonating…

Peter Brady impersonating Humphrey Bogart, for a school play


What’s the title of this lullaby version of a well-known Magic song?

“Express Yourself” by Madonna


We’ve put together three voices, each belonging to a famous left-hander. Who are they? (audio clip)

Lady Gaga, Oprah, Tom Cruise


Middle children tend to be independent from an early age which can be a factor of success later on in life. And what’s more successful than being the leader of the free here in the U.S. of A. Within five percent, what percentage of presidents of the United States of America have been middle children? 52%

Which one of these is not a soccer position? A) Stopper B) Sweeper C) Slider C) Slider

Over the last few decades, Marvel has given us four different live-action Peter Parkers, Name one of them. Nicholas Hammond (From 1977 to 1979), Tobey Maguire (In 2002, 2004 and 2007), Andrew Garfield (In 2012 and 2014),
Tom Holland (He has starred or co-starred as the character in five films: Captain America: Civil War in 2016, Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, Avengers: Endgame in 2019, and Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019.)


It’s this person’s birthday today. She’s 44, and here she is talking about being a youngster, growing up in South Africa listening to 80’s music (audio)…

Charlize Theron


“Working dogs” include German Shepherds and Boxers and Border Collies… and these dogs. Who is this and what’s the dog breed.

Scooby Doo – (Great Dane)


Read this movie plot description and tell us what movie it’s from. Nicki Finn… a street smart girl, is falsely accused of murdering her boyfriend and sent to jail. She’s released, meets a man whose job it is to make sure she gets on a bus back to Philly, she convinces him to help her catch the real murderers. While searching for them, they fall in love and ride off into the sunset. “Who’s That Girl,” from 1987 starring Madonna as the role of Nicki Finn.


Straight from the Magic 98 music nursery, where we keep all the songs that have “Baby” in their titles… here are three of them. Your job, “name the babies.” You’ll hear three clips from three different songs, all of which have the word baby in the title. Tell us the full title of all three… (audio clip)

“Baby I Love Your Way” (Big Mountain), “Baby Baby” (Amy Grant), “Baby Hold On” (Eddie Money)


After work tonight Magic 98 hosts an info meeting for our Spring trip to Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. So, we’ve selected three foods that might be from each of those three countries… though two of the three might not be! Which one is legit from Austria, Czech Republic, or Hungary? Austrian Goulash, Chex Cereal, Hungry Man Frozen Dinners. Austrian Goulash! It’s a beef stew with dumplings, a specialty in Austria. The other two, not so much.


We’re going to give you the names of three different mutts- tell us what the breeds are for each. First is the “Bo-Jack” (Boston Terrier-Jack Russell), next is the “Cheagle” (Chihuahua and Beagle), and finally, the “Horgi” (a Husky and Corgi).


Here’s a clip from a well known TV show that often celebrated, and did crisis management, with cheesecake. What’s the show?

The Golden Girls


The comic strip ‘Garfield’ is set in what Midwest city? A) Toledo, Ohio B) Dubuque, Iowa or C) Muncie, Indiana Muncie, Indiana

Which of the following is not a water skiing trick? A) Pistol Flip B) Whip Tick C) Side Slide A) Pistol Flip… that’s a snow skiing trick

How tall is the world’s tallest sunflower? 30 feet and one inch, or 361 inches

We’re taking a look at the Hansen family tree for National Cousin’s Day. Lanette’s mom is Mary, her mom was Cecilia, her sister is Joanne. Joanne has five kids, Todd, Brian, Laurie, Tania and Christy. Laurie has three kids, Reagan, Matthew and Amanda. What is Lanette’s relationship to Reagan, Matthew and Amanda? First cousin, once removed.

Which one of these is false: A) Lead singer of the band, Axl Rose smoked cigarettes for a scientific study for $8 per hour. B) Their album Appetite For Destruction is the U.S’s best selling debut album C) Guns N Roses was originally named L.A. Guns. C) is false. LA Guns is still a rock band today. Started around the same time as Guns N Roses in 1983.

On this date (July 22) in 1989, former actress, Martika had a number one hit with this song. “Toy Soldier”

Over the next four days at the Dane County Fair, how many pounds of food will the average cow eat (within 25 pounds)? 108 pounds (about 27 pounds a day).

According to the World Emoji Tracker, which tracks emoji use in real time (not kidding!), the most popular emoji, by a lot, is the Face With Tears of Joy. What emoji is #2? Heart (the official name for the heart emoji is “Heavy Black Heart”, even though it’s red).


Which Will Ferrell movie is this clip from? (audio below)

Talladega Nights


We might think it’s hot this week, but people from the south are the experts on hot, and how to describe it. Fill in the blank on one of these southern heat sayings: “It’s so hot, even Satan is ______ today” (sweating). “It’s so hot that I just saw a hound dog chasing a rabbit, and they were both _____” (walking). “If it gets any hotter, I’ll have to take off stuff I really ought to _____” (keep on).


Fete de Marquette is this weekend in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood, with most of the music and festivities at McPike Park. We asked the French for some advice on how to best partake in the Fete. What is this advice? (clip)

“Don’t drink and fall down at Fete de Marquette.”


The Wisconsin State Fair announced new fair foods for this year. Two of these three are real foods available at this year’s Wisconsin State fair, one of them is not. Which one? “Bug Tacos,” “Snake Soup,” or “Roadkill”? “Roadkill”, which is real, but not at the Wisconsin State Fair. At Oregon’s State Fair, “Roadkill” is flattened, deep-fried dough with oozing fruity sauces and syrups.


One time presidential candidate Ross Perot died yesterday (7/9), and immediately this guy’s name started trending on Social Media because, well, listen… (clip)

That was NOT the late Ross Perot- who was it? Dana Carvey from SNL


Which Tom Hanks movie is this clip from?



These three songs have “America” in their titles. Listen to the clip and then name all three…

“America” by Neil Diamond, “Living In America” by James Brown, and “America The Beautiful” by Ray Charles

In October, “UFO Days” happens in our area… tell us where. Belleville, WI (This year’s UFO parade and festivities will be on October 26th)


Name these three different Dan Aykroyd movies (audio)…

Blues Brothers, Coneheads, The Great Outdoors

Tomorrow (6/29) is a very Madison event, Bacon and Brews, at Breese Stevens Field. With 90+ weather forecast for the event, we could call it Bakin’ and Bacon.. and Brews. Which makes us wonder, could it be hot enough to cook bacon in the sun, at Bakin’ and Bacon and Brews? What temperature do you need to cook bacon? 400 degrees


We get both heat and humidity today, which reminds us of the world’s most famous heat and humidity quote… (audio)Audio Player

Those are three famous people, all saying the same thing. Name two of the three. John Candy (from Cool Runnings), Eddie Murphy (from some Joe Piscopo show), Julie Jacobs, from her desk

The first-ever Central Park squirrel census has counted all of the squirrels that are living their best lives in Central Park in New York City. Central Park is 843 acres. Within 5,000, how many squirrels do you think they counted that are living in Central Park? 2,373 squirrels

Which of the following was true about Ludwig Van Beethoven. a)He was so meticulous, he would count out 60 coffee beans per cup. b) He was blind by age 27 c) He lived a long healthy life… 87 when he died. A, he was so meticulous he would count out 60 coffee beans per cup.

A new study says it’s safe for your heart if you drink an obscene amount of coffee on a daily basis, as much as 25 cups a day without having any extra risk of hardening their arteries or having a stroke or heart attack. What is the #1 instant coffee in America… Folgers, Starbucks or Tasters Choice? Starbucks

Name the seven worst foods to pack in a picnic basket. Anything made with mayo, fish (for obvious reasons), chocolate, frozen treats like popsicles, soda (can explode), fried foods (which get greasier as they get warm)

Tom Hanks said that from what he’s seen from Toy Story 4, it could surpass the first three Toy Stories. In Toy Story 3, what was Andy preparing to do? He was preparing to go to college.

On Fathers’ Day you might choose to wear a red rose on your lapel, or maybe a white rose. Why would you choose either red or white on Sunday? The rose is the flower of fathers day, and you would choose a red one if your father is living, or a white one if he is not

What TV shows and movie are Principal Skinner, Dean Edward R. Rooney, and Principal Belding each, separately known for? The Simpsons, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Saved By The Bell

Paul McCartney was just here at the Kohl Center… a sold out show with just over 17-thousand people. But that’s nothing for him. On this date in ‘76, McCartney set a record for an indoor concert crowd. Within 5,000, how many people were there?

67,100 people came to see Paul McCartney and Wings for an indoor concert in Seattle Washington at the King dome on June 10, 1976

Of those that still remain, what’s the most common name for Drive –Ins?

Big Sky, Sky View, or Starlite? Starlite (which is in Richland Center), #2 is Sky View (near Monroe).


Alex Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy since 1984, on every show except for one. Who guest-hosted on the one show that Trebek missed? It was Pat Sajak. He and Trebek switched shows for one day, as an April Fools gag, on 4/1/1997. (clip of Pat Sajak intro that day on Jeopardy below…)Audio Player


Ginger and Julie are heading to Ireland tomorrow (6/5), so we’ve asked them to prove how well they’ll be been preparing for the trip by delivering their best Irish accents, with some famous Irish sayings… What does this one, “we’re sucking diesel now” mean? (audio)Audio Player

Everything is going great!


When this person was a teen when she did this national commercial. Who is this? (audio)…

Brooke Shields


Which Spice Girl was Victoria Beckham?

She was Posh Spice


Cows on The Concourse, Dane County’s Breakfast on the Farm, Columbia County’s Moo-Day Brunch, and the Run Like No Udder 5k in Wausau are all happening soon. Why all the bovine brouhaha? June Dairy month starts Saturday

Listen to this audio, and tell us who this is…

What recipe is this chef cooking up? (audio)


Audio Player



Complete these famous penny sayings: A penny for your ________ (thoughts). Find a penny, pick it up _______ (all day long you’ll have good luck). A penny saved ________(is a penny earned).


In addition to being known for saying “I pity the fool,” Mr. T is also known for wearing a ton of bling-gold chains, bracelets, and such. Within five pounds, and within $10,000, how much did all that bling weigh and how much was it worth? It weighed more than six pounds, and was worth about $125,000


This is a game we call Big Fat Liar! Each of us will make a statement about ourselves. One of the statements is true, one of us is a Big Fat Liar. Which one? Lanette: “My son Roman was named for the character Roman Brady on the Days of Our Lives.” Fletch: “I once flew on a commercial flight openly displaying a three foot long machete.” Lanette is a big fat liar! She named Roman her great uncle Romy. Pre-TSA, Fletch flew home from Central America, where he had bought a three-foot long machete, and having only a carry on backpack as luggage, had it sticking out of it. Security had no issue with that… then!


Which Stoughton Fun Fact is not true? 1) Stoughton is the birthplace of the coffee break 2) Stoughton was founded in 1726 and was named after William Stoughton the Chief Justice of the Salem Witch Trials. 3) the first successful cataract surgeries were performed in Stoughton. Number two is not true of Stoughton, WI, although it is true of Stoughton, Massachusetts. Stoughton, WI was named for Luke Stoughton who came from Janesville and platted the village.

We will play you the lullaby version of a huge hit song, tell us what song it is to win!

It’s Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately”


Within 10,000, what’s the current world record for brats consumed at the World’s Largest Bratfest?



Name at least three of the five most popular flowers for Mother’s Day.

Lilies, Orchids, Tulips, Roses, Irises


We’ll give you the first few words of some excellent advice from mom, you complete each piece of advice. (These are pieces of advice from actual moms.)

“Show me who your friends are, and that is who… (you are)”
“Always put on some lipstick. It will make you… (feel good)”
“Don’t take a bath when… (there’s a thunderstorm)”
“Always wear… (clean underwear)”
“Men are all the same, they just have different… (faces)“


Here’s a famous TV mom… who is it?

Mandy Moore, “Rebecca” from “This Is Us”


Which of the animals is the Mother of all Mothers? That is, which one of these has the most babies in their lifetime: Prairie dogs, Opossums, or Tigers?

Opossums, which average 108 babies in their lifetimes, though the real champ is the rabbit, averaging 360 babies!


Supersaver, Gallant Fox, Omaha are all…. what?

Kentucky Derby winners


What is the most commonly used password?

123456. Second most-used is 123456789


What are the three songs we’ve combined to sing “It’s May The First”?

“It’s A Heartache” (Bonnie Tyler), “You May Be Right” (Billy Joel), “The First Cut Is The Deepest” (Sheryl Crow)


Today is National Honesty Day (4/30), so being such sticklers for truth, we’re playing a game called “Big Fat Liar.” Each of us will make a statement about ourselves. One of the statements is true, one of us is a Big Fat Liar. Which one?

Lanette: “I once went bungee jumping in a dress with the lead singer of Blues Traveller” A: Fletch: “I once ate dog food for charity.” Fletch is the big fat liar. Though he once at a lot of pie for charity, he never ate dog food (at least for charity)!


Which one of these heroes is not an Avenger?

Iron Man, Super Man, Black Panther, Black Widow? Superman… he’s DC.


The Crazylegs Race is named after the famous Badger football player and eventual Athletic Director, Elroy Hirsh, whose nickname was Crazylegs. Later, a very short street, right in front of the UW Fieldhouse was named as “Crazylegs Lane,” though it’s not anymore. Why not?

Because Monroe Street reconstruction last year included filling in Crazylegs lane to make a more complete triangle, park-like plaza, that now is unofficially called Crazylegs Plaza, but the street is now gone.


Today (4/25) might be the most perfect day of the year. Listen to the clip below to find out why we say that. What movie is that from?

Miss Congeniality


Name two of these three TV administrative professionals…

Pam, from “The Office,” Peggy Olson from “Mad Men,” April Ludgate from “Parks and Recreation”


This guy, apparently, has no idea how he does what he does… who is he?

Billy Joel


It’s this person’s birthday today (4/22). Who’s voice is this?

Jack Nicholson


Based on the ingredients list, tell us what garlicky dish this is: chick peas, tahini, olive oil, cumin, chili powder, salt and garlic, of course!



One of these headlines is from a real news story and two of them are fake. Which one is true?

1) Child promised he can go back to video games after giving dying grandfather one last hug.
2) Judge sentences Lori Loughlin to 100 hours of community theater.
3) Arkansas woman steals $144 of eye makeup and wears it all at the same time.
Number 3 is true


From the Magic 98 music nursery, here’s a lullaby version of a song you know and love (listen below). What is it, and who did the original?

“Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars


Name two of the three most common trash items found in the ocean.

1) cigarettes 2) bottle tops and lids 3) drink bottles 4) plastic bags


Within 100 billion dollars, how much do we pay in federal income taxes, everybody together in the US, in one year?

$1.4 trillion


At what booth at the Dane County Farmers’ Market can you get the Hot & Spicy cheese bread?



Name are two of the four vocal parts in a Barbershop Quartet.

Lead, bass, tenor, baritone

Listen to this famous re-naming of oneself, and tell us who this is…

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from “Friends”)


If you really love Madison’s Henry Vilas Zoo, you might want to rent it. Yes, you can rent the entire zoo for a summer night. Within $1,000, how much do you think it costs to rent the whole Henry Vilas Zoo for one night? Per the zoo website, $5,000 for a weeknight, $6,00 for a Friday night, $7,000 for a Saturday night.


Today (4/5) is a big day for this person…

Who is she, and why is today a big day for her?

Kathy Lee Gifford, whose last day on the Today Show is today.


The voice you hear in this clip turned 58 years old on April 3, 2019. Listen to this clip and tell us who it is…

Eddie Murphy. Eddie will star in a sequel to “Coming To America” coming out in 2020


Here’s a clip from the only song we know of that’s called “Election Day”

It was a moderate hit in 1986 for a group named Arcadia, which was an offshoot band for what much more famous 80s group? Duran Duran


One of these celebrity facts is not true: 1) Lady Gaga owns a ghost-detecting machine 2) Angelina Jolie originally wanted to be a construction worker 3) Charlie Sheen once tried to catch the Loch Ness Monster using a leg of lamb and a large hook. The answer is Angelina Jolie, who originally wanted to be a funeral director. (Lady Gaga paid $50,000 for an electromagnetic field meter designed to detect poltergeists. And Charlie Sheen says he got nibbles on his leg of lamb on a hook, but couldn’t get Nessie to bite.)


Crayola has come out with 120 colors since 1902. Every year since 1990, on National Crayon Day, at least one color is retired and new are added. What’s the newest crayon color: a) Bluetiful b) Blue Moon Bliss c) Dreams Come Blue … Bluetiful. Crayola actually held a contest for people to vote and 90,000 Americans chose Bluetiful to replace the retiring, Dandelion.


In 1986, the top-selling toy was GI Joe. Name one more of the top five toys from that year. 2) Pound Puppies 3) Barbie 4) Teddy Ruxpin 5) Cabbage Patch Kids


Mariah Carey’s first name comes from the song “They Call the Wind Maria,” which was in a famous Broadway musical. What’s the name of the Broadway musical that song was in?

Paint Your Wagon


On National Spinach Day, we found the only song we know of that talks about spinach. Listen to the beginning , and give us the lines that follow this…

The answer is in this clip:


Ten thousand high school and college students have signed up to spend their spring breaks doing which of the following: building houses with Habitat for Humanity, swim with the manatees at Sea World, or the Jello-Shot Olympics in Panama City Florida. Building houses with Habitat for Humanity

Name two dog breeds that are in America’s top five. 1) Labrador Retriever 2) German Shepherd 3) Golden Retriever 4) French Bulldog 5) Bulldog

“Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m not really good at poetry. Beer.” What type of a poem is this- Nursery Rhyme, Haiku, or Limerick? Nursery Rhyme

Tell us what the punch line is to this joke… Person 1: “I just left my job! I couldn’t work for that man after what he said to me!” Person 2: “Well, what did he say?” “You’re fired!”

What do the four leaves on a four-leaf clover represent? Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck.

What were the four original Lucky Charms marshmallow shapes? Heart, Moon, Star, Clover

Apple Pie is the favorite pie in 45 of the 50 states. Two other pies are favorites in those five states that don’t like apple pie so much. Name the two kinds of pies, other than apple, that are the favorites in those five very un-American states. Pecan, in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and Pumpkin in Wyoming and Hawaii.

This good Samaritan has a restaurant where the menu doesn’t have prices indicated. They only take donations for payments, and serve food at no charge for those who can’t afford it. Who is the good Samaritan… a world-wide celebrity, or local hero? Both! Jon Bon Jovi runs his “Soul Kitchen” restaurant, and local hero, David Heide, of Lilliana’s, will soon open “Little Johns,” both of which are ‘pay what you can’ restaurants.

It’s been 107 years since Girl Scouts started. Can you add the last line of the Girl Scout Law? “And be a sister to every girl scout.”Audio Player


National Napping Day is always the day after Daylight Saving Time starts, because we could all use a little extra sleep. What time of day is the best time for napping? According to the folks at Sleep.org, 2-3PM is the best time because you’ve already eaten lunch and your blood sugar and energy levels will naturally start to dip.

National Dentist Day, and National Oreo Day are on the same day! As we all know, Oreos and visits to the dentist don’t really go well together. Listen closely to this clip. Tell us who the one is who doesn’t like oreos. Julia Louis Dreyfus, as Elaine on Seinfeld Audio Player

In “The King and I”, what country was the King the king of… and, what is that country called today? Siam, now called Thailand

A snowplow in Lincoln, Nebraska managed to wipe out 30 blocks of mailboxes after a 7″ storm last weekend. There’s a new movie that features a well-known actor as a crazed snowplow driver. Who is this? Liam Neeson (the new crazy snow plow driver movie is called “Cold Pursuit”)

Three Clues: Who are we talking about?
He’s from Brooklyn… but you may know him from North Carolina, Chicago or Washington
He’s not a movie star, but he played himself in a huge movie in 1996
You may have a lot of shoes, but he’s got a shoe line… and he’s the logo
Michael Jordan. On this day in 1988, Jordan made his signature slam dunk from the free throw line… inspiring the Air Jordan and the Jump-Man logo.

Which of the following is coldest? The surface of a block of dry ice, the coldest day ever in Madison, or Fletch’s third grade girlfriend’s heart? A: The surface of a block of dry ice (-109). Madison’s coldest-ever day was January 30, 1951 when it was -37. The temperature of Fletch’s third grade girlfriend is officially unknown, but we would have accepted that answer!

The average number of gifts we Americans give per year is the same number that is part of the name of an 80’s group. What’s the average number of gifts we give per year? On average, we give 42 gifts per year… like “Level 42” (who did “Something About You”).

What did nearly 1 billion people watch on television on Christmas eve 1968? Apollo 8 as it circled the moon.

A proverb of Latin origin explains that “A placid exterior may hide a passionate nature.” The common translation is (BLANK). “Still waters run deep.”

When (BLANK) appeared on Oprah in 2007, his Christmas CD jumped to #1 and became the top selling album of the year. Josh Groban

Name a state that grows more Christmas trees than Wisconsin. (There are four.) Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania

What 1990s song mentions both Bob Dylan and his song “Tangled up in blue?” “Only Wanna Be With You,” by Hootie & The Blowfish

The Milwaukee Bucks stopped the all-time NBA winning streak of 33 games by defeating (BLANK). The Los Angeles Lakers in 1972

What Fleetwood Mac song is named after a witch? “Rhiannon”

What Mariah Carey song was #1 for 16 weeks? “One Sweet Day,” her duet with Boyz II Men

What was the first #1 song for the group Chicago? “If You Leave Me Now”

What Stevie Nicks song was left off Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” album in the 70s, but became a hit in the 90s? “Silver Springs”

Name one of America’s five most popular Halloween candies. 5 M&Ms, 4 Kit Kat, 3 Twix, 2 Snickers, 1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Linus believes “The Great Pumpkin” will appear at his pumpkin patch because it is (BLANK). Sincere.

What 1980s hit was a duet featuring singers from Fleetwood Mac and Eagles? “Leather and Lace” from Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

(BLANK) was famous for statements like “I believe time woulds all heels,” “Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted,” and “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” John Lennon

In the early 70s the band (BLANK) was the opening act for Linda Ronstadt. Eagles

Name the only siblings that have each had a #1 solo hit. Michael and Janet Jackson.

Wisconsin ranks #9 for U.S. cattle population. Name a state in the top five. (5) Oklahoma, (4) California, (3) Kansas, (2) Nebraska, (1) Texas

The 1980s hit (BLANK) was the first “a cappella” song to reach #1. “Don’t Worry be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

Most U.S. Presidents never experience this, but Gerald Ford did twice in September of 1975. What is it? An assassination attempt.

“Lucy in the sky with diamonds” was a #1 song for (BLANK). Elton John

Aretha Franklin won 11 Grammy awards for “Best R&B Female Performance,” more than any other artist. Who ranks second? Anita Baker, with five.

Which #1 Elton John song from the 70s is rarely performed at his concerts? “Island Girl”

President (BLANK) said “We choose to go to the moon.” Kennedy

What was “stored in a mayonaise jar on Funk & Wagnals porch?” Questions used in “Carnac the Magnificent” skits on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.”

In “Smokey and the Bandit,” Jackie Gleason portrays Sheriff (BLANK). Buford T. Justice

This 60s sitcom quickly became America’s #1 TV program, and it’s theme song reached #1 on the country chart. “The Beverly Hillbillies”

Name the 1990s Fox TV show about a fictional band that had a #1 song. “The Heights.” The show was cancelled shortly after “How do you talk to an angel” reached the top.

Who sang the movie theme to “The Goodbye Girl?” David Gates

Michael Jackson was the first artist in history to release an album (“Bad”) containing five #1 songs. Name the first female to accomplish this. Katy Perry with “Teenage Dream.”

Which of her songs does Aretha Franklin sing in the movie “The Blues Brothers?” “Think”

“That’s Aretha Franklin…she doesn’t remember the queen of soul” is a lyric from what song? “Hey Nineteen” from Steely Dan

Rolling Stone Magazine ranks Aretha Franklin as the “Greatest singer of all time.” Who else do they include in the top five? John Lennon, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles

Only four movie soundtrack albums have sold more copies than “Dirty Dancing.” Name one. Forrest Gump, Purple Rain, Saturday Night Fever, The Bodyguard.

Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was #1 for 14 straight weeks. Name the only woman in pop music history that has surpassed that record. Mariah Carey. Her duet with Boyz II Men, “One Sweet Day,” was #1 for 16 weeks.

Who were Mark, Martha, Alan, Nina and J.J.? The original MTV V.J.’s – Goodman, Quinn, Hunter, Blackwood and Jackson

According to Forrest Gump, “The only good thing about being wounded in the buttocks is…” The ice cream.

What was Elton John’s first #1 song in England? “Don’t go breakin’ my heart,” his duet with Kiki Dee.

The all time top selling Ford vehicle is (BLANK). The F-series truck, over 34 million so far.

Infinity, Evolution, Departure, Escape and Frontiers are names of (BLANK)… Albums by Journey

(BLANK) was the first all-female group to write their own songs, play their own instruments and have a #1 album. The Go-Go’s, with “Beauty and the Beat.”

TV’s “Baretta” was employed as a (BLANK). Plainclothes police officer

The 1970s song (BLANK) ends with the words “toot toot, hey, beep beep.” “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer

(BLANK) co-starred with Barbra Streisand in the 1976 version of “A Star is Born.” Kris Kristofferson

In “Surfer Girl,” the Beach Boys sing “I have watched you on the shore.” What is the next line? “Standing by the ocean’s roar.”

What was the first hit song for the Doobie Brothers? “Listen to the music”

“A house divided against itself cannot stand” was said by (BLANK) Abraham Lincoln, in an 1858 speech against slavery.

In the early 1960s the U.S. had over 4000. Now there are just a few hundred, and Wisconsin has fewer than 10 (BLANK) Drive-In Theaters

(BLANK) had the #1 selling album of the 1990s. Alanis Morissette, with “Jagged Little Pill”

When Dorothy and her three friends meet “The Wizard Of Oz,” which of the four does the Wizard address first? The Tin Man

Levi’s are the top selling jeans in the world. Name another brand in the top five. 2. Wrangler, 3. Diesel, 4. Pepe Jeans London, 5. True Religion

What did Michael Jackson publicly do for the first time in May of 1983? “Moonwalked,” on an NBC Motown special.

Complete this 1980s beer company advertising slogan: “The night belongs to (BLANK).” Michelob

(BLANK) was the first female host of “Saturday Night Live” and is in the show’s exclusive “Five Timer Club.” Candice Bergen

“Oh, the humanity!” is from what historical event? The Hindenburg explosion in 1937, a radio comment from reporter Herbert Morrison

Name a food that Americans should consume 6-11 times a day, according to the 1990s U.S.D.A. nutrition pyramid. Bread, cereal, rice and pasta

Who holds the U.S. record for most consecutive years with a #1 song? Mariah Carey, with 11

Wisconsin ranks #4 in the U.S. for maple syrup production. Name another state in the top 5. Vermont, New York, Maine, New Hampshire

With their 2005 song “Speed of sound,” the band (BLANK) became the first British group to debut a song in the U.S. top 10 since the Beatles with “Hey Jude” in 1968. Coldplay

Who did the Milwaukee Bucks defeat to win the 1971 NBA title? The Baltimore Bullets

Which “Blues Brother” was which? John Belushi portrayed “Jake,” and Dan Aykroyd was “Elwood.”

After “Respect” in 1967, it took Aretha Franklin 20 years to have another #1 song. A duet with (BLANK), it was called “I knew you were waiting.” George Michael

What fast food innovation did McDonald’s debut in 1975? The drive-through window

Of the four rock bands (Dire Straits, Cars, Bon Jovi and Moody Blues) inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, which had the most #1 songs? Bon Jovi, with 5.

The 80s song (BLANK) was America’s first #1 hit to feature rap vocals. “Rapture” by Blondie

The 1970s song “Montego Bay” ends with a portion of another song from what Broadway musical? “Oklahoma.” Bobby Bloom sings “Oh what a beautiful morning.”

The all-time top selling “MTV Unplugged” album was released by ______. Eric Clapton

Which Temptations song was a 2018 addition to the Library of Congress? “My Girl“

In a car ride scene in “Meet the Parents,” Robert De Niro (Jack) and Ben Stiller (Greg) discuss what song? “Puff the Magic Dragon“

What TV show featured characters with last names of “Snow,” “Wood” and Tripper?” “Three’s Company,” with Chrissy, Janet and Jack

The “Toys R Us” jingle began with “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid.” What’s the next line? “They got a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with.”

The Barbie doll was introduced in 1959. Her best friend, _____, was introduced in 1963. Midge

Name a 1980s artist who’s album had seven top 10 hits. There were two, Michael Jackson with “Thriller,” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.”

“Mister Rogers Neighborhood” debuted on Public Television in 1968. One of the puppets was a donkey. What was his name? Donkey Hodie

An Oscar winner herself, she has hosted the Academy Awards more than any other woman. Whoppi Goldberg (1993, 1995, 1998, 2001)

The Neil Young song, “Southern Man,” described racism in the American South and one line in the lyrics say, “Southern man, when will you pay them back?” A few years later a southern band responded with a song that mentions Neil Young. Name that band. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Name one of the three top-selling cheeses in the U.S. Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan

Facebook debuted in 2004. It’s now one of the most popular websites on Earth. Name another of the world’s top 5 most popular sites? Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu, Wikipedia

Rolling Stone Magazines says the 5 greatest songwriters ever are:
5: Smokey Robinson
4: Chuck Berry
3: John Lennon
2: Paul McCartney
1: Bob Dylan

Which 1970s artist released four #1 albums in less than two years? Elton John

What was the name of the little boy on “The Addams Family”? Pugsley

Which comedian was the first host when “Saturday Night Live” debuted in 1975? George Carlin

“Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot” are lyrics from which theme song? “Cheers”

This 1960s song made a comeback after being featured in the 1986 movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles

A 1950s address from Richard Nixon that mentioned his dog is known as “The _____ speech”. Checkers

The Garth Brooks Central Park concert in 1997 had attendance of nearly one million, breaking the mark set in 1981 by who? Simon & Garfunkel. They attracted nearly 600,000.

Which 1973 sporting event featuring two athletes attracted a worldwide TV audience of 80 million? The Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match

What 1960s song borrows a portion of the Book of Ecclesiastes for its lyrics? “Turn! Turn! Turn!” from the Byrds

What was Jimmy Buffett wearing when he went to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend show? “Hush Puppies,” according to his song “Come Monday.”

At the 1963 “March on Washington,” who sang “Blowin’ in the Wind”? Peter, Paul and Mary

Joni Mitchell wrote the song “Woodstock,” but the most popular version of it was performed by who? Crosby, Stills and Nash

Which movie had its world premiere in Oconomowoc in 1939? “The Wizard of Oz”

The phrase “Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Ku Sa” is from what 1980s song? “Wanna Be Starting Somethin’” by Michael Jackson

Its introductory price was $2.99 and it was the top selling toy for Christmas 1960. What was it? The Etch-A-Sketch

What 1960s song opens with the melody of “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem? “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles

Who was the first Canadian woman to have a #1 hit song in the U.S.? Anne Murray, with “You Needed Me”

Jack Webb portrayed Joe Friday on TV’s “Dragnet.” Who had the role in the 1987 movie? Dan Aykroyd

Who jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge? Billy Joe McCallister, in the 1960s song “Ode to Billy Joe”

In 1987 she started singing lessons. A year later her first album reached #1. Name her. Paula Abdul

Which actress portrayed “Black Widow” on TV’s Batman? Tallulah Bankhead

In “Que Sera, Sera,” Doris Day sings “The future’s not ours to see.” What 1970s song includes the lyrics “Whatever will be will be, the future is ours to see?” “Baby Hold On” by Eddie Money

What is the name of Little Orphan Annie’s dog? Sandy

Who sang the 70s hit “Emma?” Hot Chocolate

“M*A*S*H” remains the most-watched TV series finale. Name another in the top 5. “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “The Fugitive” and “Cheers”

What was Bob Seger’s only #1 song? “Shakedown”

Which 60s song was a hit for both Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin? “I Say a Little Prayer”

True or false: Johnnie Taylor’s “Disco Lady” was the “platinum single,” with sales of over 2 million. True

Who said “The British are coming!” Paul Revere

The Zombies sang the 60s hit “She’s Not There.” Which band made it a hit again in the 70s? Santana

Which song mentions the names of Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary and Jessica? “Mambo #5” by Lou Bega

“Failure is not an option” is a line from which movie? Apollo 13

Who performed the 1990s theme to “Beauty and the Beast” with Celine Dion? Peabo Bryson

“Muskrat Love” was a hit for Captain & Tennille, but it was recorded several years earlier by which group? America

When East Towne and West Towne opened in the 70s, J.C. Penney and Sears were two of three of their “anchor stores.” What was the third? Prange’s

Who was the original host of ABC’s “The Dating Game?” Jim Lange

What do actors Art Carney, Jack Lemon and Tony Randall have in common? They each portrayed Felix from “The Odd Couple”: Carney on Broadway, Lemon in the movie, Randall on TV

Barbie’s friend is Midge. Her boyfriend is Ken. What’s the name of Ken’s friend? Alan

What 1980s song mentions the travel destinations of Papeete, Avalon and the Marquesas Islands? “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Who starred in the movie “Three Amigos?” Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase

True or false? “Theme from S.W.A.T.” was the first TV theme to become a #1 hit song? True

At the 1974 Academy Awards, David Niven was interrupted by what? A streaker!

What did Native Americans introduce to the Pilgrims at a feast in February of 1630? Popcorn

What band was originally known as “The Missing Links” and then “The Big Thing?” Chicago

Which Queen song did not reach #1? Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody OR Another One Bites The Dust? (One answer.) Bohemian Rhapsody

In 1988, Vice President George Bush argued with who on live network television? Dan Rather

In 2000, America had over 2 million of these. Now there are less than 500,000, and they’re disappearing quickly. What is it? A public payphone

Which fictional hero first appeared on radio in 1933 and has a classical piece of music as his theme? The Lone Ranger, introduced by the William Tell Overture

Which California band had a country rock sound in the first half of the 1970s, switching to a new lead singer and sound in the second half of the 70s? The Doobie Brothers

Which President warned America about the “military industrial complex?” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Name a Rod Stewart song that reached #1 in the 70s. (There are three.) Maggie May, Tonight’s the Night, Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Only two Broadway shows have had more consecutive performances than The Lion King. Name one: Phantom of the Opera and Chicago

This couple met in 1971 after he performed at Carnegie Hall. They married in 1972, sang several hits together in the 70s, and divorced in 1983. Who are they? Carly Simon and James Taylor

What song was a hit for Little Eva, Grand Funk, and Kylie Minogue? “The Loco-Motion”

What is the name of the third baseman the classic Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s on First?” “I Don’t Know”

What was the name of the boat in Jaws? Orca

The words “neat, sweet, petite” were in the opening theme to what TV show? The Addams Family

Who had a 1980s album called What’s New, that was filled with pop standards from decades before? Linda Ronstadt

America sings, “Oz never did give nothin’ to the tin man.” What’s the next line? “That he didn’t, didn’t already have.”

English author A.A. Milne wrote the book in the 1920s. Kenny Loggins wrote about the characters in a 1970s song. What was the story? Winnie the Pooh

What African American child debuted in the Peanuts comic strip in 1968? Franklin

Each member of this 70s/80s supergroup had solo hits, with the exception of the two people the band was named after. Name the band: Fleetwood Mac

In the movie Sully, which airline do the pilots work for? US Airways

Who won the Emmy for lead actress in a comedy series four times during the 1990s? Helen Hunt, for Mad About You

In 1664, the Dutch gave the British the land that is now New York City. What was it called then? New Amsterdam

Who was the first American Idol? Kelly Clarkson

What pop song mentions biology, geography, and algebra? “What a Wonderful World”

“Off we go into the wild blue yonder” is the first line of the “Air Force Song.” What is the next line? “Climbing high into the sun”

What 70s song mentions New York, London, Paris, and Munich? “Pop Muzik” by M

What 70s song contains the lyric, “Turn up the old Victrola, gonna dance the night away”? “Dim All the Lights” by Donna Summer

Microsoft paid $3 million to use which 80s song in its advertising for Windows 95: “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones

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