Magic Money

Use the cash to save to pay some bills or for something fun when you win Magic Money! Reward yourself with something nice, save it for the holidays, or split it with your co-workers… if your guess is correct, the cash if yours to do whatever you’d like! Listen for your chance to play Magic Money weekdays with the Magic Crew. When it’s time, caller 10 on the Magic Line at (608) 321-009 gives their round-dollar guess. If your guess is correct, you win the jackpot!

Congrats to Betty Georgeson from Madison who won $372 playing Magic Money with Jillene Khan on Monday (12/3)!  

A new Magic Money game starts on Tuesday, December 11 between 11 and noon with Ginger Martin on Magic 98!


Official Magic Money rules:

  • You may play once every 30 days but only one winner per household per year (365 days, not calendar year). Therefore, if you or anyone in your household has won, you may not play.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to play Magic Money.
  • Listen for the chance to call in and guess at the current Magic Money jackpot. It is always a round-dollar amount.
  • When you hear another person’s guess, listen to hear if it was too high, too low…or on the money!
  • Each contest runs until someone wins. A new game will start shortly thereafter. There are great bonus prizes, too.
  • Did you know that since Magic Money began in 1984, Magic 98 listeners have won hundreds of thousands of dollars?! It’s time you won, too!

Magic 98 General Contest Rules