First Time 5K

This podcast is for every runner: The absolute beginner to the starter-over! It’s energetic, vibrant, and fun! Starting with week ONE and every week following, coach PETRA leads every key run of your training week; explains and guides you through every step. Each workout starts with a 5-minute warmup walk, followed by the main run, and finishes with a 5-minute cool-down walk. The workout is guided and motivated with euro dance tracks that inspire and push you to the end of each key run. Enjoy a famous running quote at the end of each episode and a word from your host, Pat Gallagher.

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Meet your Coach

Petra Kilian

PETRA KILIAN is a USAT certified triathlon and running coach and lives in the Madison area. After competing for more than 10 years in triathlon and running, she started her own coaching business and helped numerous athletes to succeed in racing.

Her approach is following simple training plans, a consistent training attitude, definitely a lot of personality, well rounded communication and loads of fun. Listen for yourself! She loves to hear from you and you can get in touch with her at

Weekly Episodes

Krista and Corinna chat with professional triathlete, running, and cycling coach Petra Killian about Episode 21 - Mom Squad Guide to Running Your First 5k Your last week of training is here, so celebrate big. Pick a fun race Ready, Set, Go! {{content:words:14}} {{title}} Week Ten is here and so is the biggest week of your 5k training Go Big or Go Home {{content:words:14}} {{title}} Key workout and week eight has arrived, runner! This week we are learning to The Grind You are about to start week seven of your 5k training. YOU GOT THIS! You Got This! Your week six and key training workout is about to start. Even if the Getting Stronger {{content:words:14}} {{title}} Episode 4 -Your key workout for week four is here and with that Coach Discipline & Consistency Episode three and your third key workout of the week is here! Coach Petra Stick With It Episode 2 - Your second key workout is here and coach Petra emphasizes the Learn & Feel the Run Episode ONE; your first training week is here! Coach Petra starts out right away Lace Up And Start!

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