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Jim’s Blog: Thanks for Calling, Wherever You Are

I got an interesting phone call while I was on the air last weekend. A guy called me from Baltimore asking for the phone number of a certain radio station in Toronto. Really. He decided to call me, he said, because on the map, Wisconsin is farther north than Maryland,
Posted  on December 16, 2020
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Jim’s Blog: A Thanksgiving Playlist

The year was 1981. I was on the air on Thanksgiving Day, finishing up my show, when the phone rang. On the other end of the call was a very irate lady who wanted to know why I hadn’t played any Thanksgiving songs. I responded, “Ma’am, I’d be happy to
Posted  on November 24, 2020
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Jim’s Blog: You and Your Absentee Ballot

Absentee ballots are going out from city and municipal clerks around the state this week. Lots of people are voting absentee for the first time in 2020. I have regularly voted absentee for years, so here’s some information you might find helpful.  You’ll get a copy of the same ballot
Posted  on September 24, 2020
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Jim’s Blog: Tips for Working From Home

I have expertise in a lot of stuff very few people care about, so I’m not used to having expertise others might find useful. But I have worked mostly out of a home office since 2003, and my wife has worked at home since 2012. We have some tips that
Posted  on March 19, 2020
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Jim’s Blog: Another Big Leap

Statistics say that about 200,000 Americans and 4.1 million people worldwide are Leap Year babies, born on February 29, the day that comes only once every four years. I am one of them. People ask if it’s weird only having a birthday every four years. But celebrating on the 28th,
Posted  on February 28, 2020
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Jim’s Blog: Postcard from Indiana

For most of the last three weeks, I have been in the Indianapolis area working another job I have, so I haven’t been on your radio (and thank you for noticing, if you did). I have not been here the whole time—I drove home for the Badger football game against
Posted  on September 26, 2019
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Jim’s Blog: A Temporary Adios

I do not have anything remotely like a normal job. I do radio things for the stations of Mid-West Family Broadcasting some of the time. I work as a freelance writer some of the time. And I work as a teacher some of the time. (It has been many years
Posted  on September 6, 2019
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Jim’s Blog: A Little Radio Secret

In 1983, I applied for a job at a new radio station in Madison called Magic 98. I didn’t get the gig—not until 2008, anyway—but one guy who joined up that year was Pat O’Neill. Since then, he’s become a Madison radio institution, as you know. What you may not
Posted  on December 16, 2018
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Jim’s Blog: Rock and Roll on the Radio

It was the summer that Mount St. Helens blew its top, CNN went on the air, Richard Pryor set fire to himself, draft registration was reinstated, Ronald Reagan flirted with naming Gerald Ford as his running mate, the United States skipped the Moscow Olympics, and the shipyard workers struck in
Posted  on June 18, 2018
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Jim’s Blog: The Beer Tourist Reports

I have written before that my wife and I are beer tourists. We’ll take off on a weekend day and visit breweries, new ones and familiar ones, in Madison and elsewhere. Recently we’ve visited two that made a big impression on us. The first one is in Madison: Working Draft
Posted  on June 2, 2018