Jim’s Blog: A Temporary Adios

Written by on September 6, 2019

I do not have anything remotely like a normal job. I do radio things for the stations of Mid-West Family Broadcasting some of the time. I work as a freelance writer some of the time. And I work as a teacher some of the time. (It has been many years since I sat in some office cubicle for eight hours every day, and I kind of like it that way.) The great thing about this life is that I get to chose what to do and, to a certain degree, when to do it. Magic 98 has been kind enough to schedule around my life for these many years. Nobody ever says to me, “You have to work this weekend or you’re fired,” which is a tremendous luxury, and I’m grateful for it.

On that subject: after today (Friday 9/6), you will not be hearing me on Magic for a while. Starting next week I’ll be doing the teaching part of my job, which will keep me occupied and off your radio until the middle of October.
I will be spending the rest of September in Indiana, in Indianapolis and its suburbs. The main thing I can say about Indiana is that it makes me appreciate Wisconsin, but I will take up the challenge of finding interesting things to see and do during my downtime. As where I’ll be in October, your guess is as good as mine.

I appreciate the e-mails and phone calls I get from listeners who tell me they enjoy hearing me goof off on the radio whenever I get the chance to do it. I enjoy goofing off myself, and I look forward to getting back to it when my other work is done.

I promise to send a postcard if and when I see anything interesting along the road, but for now, it’s adios from me.

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