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Colleen from Fitchburg unintentionally gave her kids a story they love to tell.

This week’s Kid of the Week is Emmet from Waunakee. He is eight and in third grade and was nominated by his grandmother, Brenda. She says, “Emmet is lots of fun! He likes to tell jokes, like: ‘Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they would be bay-gulls.’” […]

Alisha from Madison didn’t help out quickly enough.

This has more ingredients than usual, but you just dump them all into a pot for delicious comfort food. Get the recipe and see a picture here.

Kristine from Madison should stop pulling pranks.

This week’s Kid of the Week is Calvin from Waunakee. He is almost five and was nominated by his mom, Kacey. She says, “Calvin is the absolute sweetest big brother imaginable. He is the goofiest kid with the biggest heart! He is an old soul and I couldn’t be more proud of him!” Your kid […]

Kayla from Deerfield needs to accept that her son is getting older.

It’s a casserole! And it’s lazy! Get the recipe and see a picture here.

This week’s Kid of the Week is Elliot from Columbus. He is a year old and was nominated by his mom, Grace. She says, “Elliot is a high energy, adventurous little man who is always ready for snacks and climbing the furniture. When he’s excited, he lets out high-pitched screeches to make sure his excitement […]

Amanda from Cross Plains really needed someone to proofread her work.

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