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Brandi from Madison should’ve checked everything before heading out the door.

Welcome to week Eleven and your 5k training “taper”, the “more rest/less running” phase of your training! You have come so far; now is the time to pick a race, commit, and make it happen. You put in the work, so let’s finish together. Coach Petra will sharpen you as a runner and get you […]

Chris from McFarland needs to learn her kids’ names.

Celeste from Madison should never put off putting away the laundry.

The base of this casserole is frozen burritos. Yes, frozen burritos! Get the recipe and see a picture here.

Week Ten is here and so is the biggest week of your 5k training plan. 3 short training weeks to go! This week we try to eliminate breaks and run longer and faster. We continue with Fartlek intervals that will be cued this time – every single one. What a fun key workout – let’s […]

Jamie from Madison needs to be better at reading labels.

Alison from Sun Prairie sometimes makes situations worse.

Only four ingredients. Get ready to indulge. Get the recipe and see a picture here.

Week Nine is here and with this, you are “peaking” as it’s called in training. You are about to finish up the grind of your training. We are proud of you! Now you experience yourself as a real runner and learn what a Fartlek run is all about. Let’s add even more fun to the […]

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