Magical Lights

Written by on September 22, 2016

Growing up, I lived about seven minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan. We have a lighthouse in my hometown. It’s one of the prettiest in Michigan. (It’s in the picture above.) My friends and I would go walking out on it Friday and Saturday nights and let our legs hang off the side of the walkway and watch the sunset and talk about life. Some of my favorite memories revolve around that lighthouse. I think it’s magical.
Maybe that’s why I have such a fascination with them. I have a lighthouse calendar, a lighthouse puzzle, lighthouse photos, lighthouse art, and lighthouse figurines, so one would think I have toured several of them over the years. Oddly, I have not. Besides the St. Joseph, Michigan, lighthouse, I’ve toured only the inside of the Eagle Bluff lighthouse in Door County. I was mesmerized by the stories and the history and the lifestyle of its keepers.
I have my next trip to Door County planned, and this time around it includes a lighthouse tour. The Cana Island lighthouse is first on my list.  Keep checking back for photos from my trip.

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