Last October I planted some tulip bulbs by my front steps and by my side steps.   I was excited all winter for them to come up this spring.  They were supposed to be all different colors so I could not wait to see what they would look like.  Just a couple of weeks ago the tulips in the front starting coming up.  They all look healthy and I think the flowers will be beautiful.  However, the flowers I planted by the side of my house have not come up yet.  I see just a couple of leaves poking through the dirt.  I’m wondering if it’s because the sun doesn’t shine on that area until late in the day and they aren’t getting enough.  My real worry is that the mice or ground squirrels may have eaten them over the winter.  It WAS a long, cold, hard winter.  I’ll give the tulips another month and if they just aren’t coming up then I’ll dig up the bulbs to see if they were critter dinner.  If so, I guess I won’t be planting any more bulbs in that area.  Looks like perennials might be the way to go.