Bye Bye Baby Weight

Alright, here I am: week five of “get my body back after having a baby.”  I am completely aware of why people do this human being-creating in their 20’s.  What I would give to have that metabolism back.  Now don’t get me wrong.   I’ve never been the thin girl, but I certainly ate Rocky Rococo’s pizza almost every day for lunch in high school and didn’t think twice about it. 

I’ve decided to first lose 20 pounds by just eating right, then start my workouts.   I’m down 11 pounds.  I’m looking forward to getting outside for the runs I once enjoyed almost daily.  Just exactly when I’m going to find time to do those runs is still up in the air, but I will give it a whirl.   

This is the time when we learn a lot about ourselves and figure out just how determined we are.  Being a mom will always come first but, as Mary from says, that should be a reason to get healthy, not an excuse.  The size 12 post-natal jeans are finally starting to feel loose and that’s exciting.  I’ve got another 29 pounds to go to get back to my usual weight.  So you’ve got one of two jobs: root for me – or do it with me.  Here we go … wheeeeeeee!