Karen from Middleton unknowingly gave her son permission to smear lipstick everywhere…

Tara from Marshall let her daughter play in the garage and she destroyed things.

The loss of a loved one is a crazy thing. It’s sad, of course. That’s a given. The profound effect is pretty heavy at times. You think of the way it was… the past is usually something to smile about. And you think of the last time you were with that person hoping it was […]

Tamika from Cottage Grove told a complete lie to her son and got caught.

Laura from Lake Mills got caught letting her daughter eat food off the garage floor…  

Okay… here we go. Another year… and another session of family pictures. They always sound so great when you schedule them. You’ve got weeks, if not months. You’ve got time to get your hair done, lose a couple pounds, find something to wear for yourself and your entire family… and then it’s here. Out of […]

That’s the amount of sleep that I usually get a night. And in no way is it ever… go to sleep and wake up five blissful hours later. It’s get the kids to bed, get stuff ready for the morning, finally crash, wake up to a crying baby, rock back to sleep, there’s usually another […]

Well that was fun! It’s often said that when you go away as a family, it’s a trip not a vacation. We planned for an Airbnb in Minocqua the week of the Fourth of July. It was going to be our first getaway as a family of five. I had used every single second of […]

I choose to believe that there’s so much more good going on in the world every single day than bad. And I betcha, if you weighed it all out on any given day… the fact would be that nice people prevail. And, so many times our kids get the brunt of the bad press. “Kids […]

Oh my gosh… I had no idea just how much bad energy was coming from the basement. And it wasn’t because there was any flooding… it wasn’t because we had any skeletons hiding in the closets… it was because there was so much stuff. Our basement had been overridden by toys. Even the boys didn’t […]

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