We Love Madison Parks

Thanks so much for coming out for our Dinner and a Swim events at Goodman Pool this summer. Hundreds beat the hot, sticky weather in the Goodman Pool and chowed on dinner from some amazing local food carts. Magic 98 is more than honored to be able to partner with Madison Parks for fun, free events like this. 

While I was there, a mom and her daughter told me how much they loved the free paddleboarding lesson they took a couple weeks prior, and how they also participated in a Learn to Fish night with Madison Parks. They're showing outdoor movies at various parks starting this week and continuing through September. Their winter schedule is equally impressive, from a candlelit snowshoe event at Aldo Leopold to a Learn to Ice Skate night at Vilas Park, and they're FREE! 

We are so lucky to have Tracey Hartley from Madison Parks at the helm, getting all of these fantastic and mostly free events lined up all around town.  Check them out and plan to attend at least one of them!