Driving Etiquette

Written by on March 6, 2014

I will never take for granted my little seven-minute drive to work I used to have.  We moved a year and a half ago to the east side of Madison, so now I’m a beltline commuter.  These are the things that I’ve all too many times seen, watched and witnessed that just baffle me … and sometimes anger me.  So here they go:

  • If your car sat outside all night and we got inches of snow … clean the dang snow off your back window.  You can’t see, genius!
  • If someone obviously slows down to let you into their lane during rush hour traffic, make the lane change and then give ’em a quick wave out your back window to thank them.  They didn’t have to do it.
  • Do NOT take an exit off the beltline only to cross over the road and take the entry ramp back on to the beltine.  You, my friend, are one of the reasons why it’s taking so long to get to work.  And do you honestly think you’re saving yourself any time?
  • When the light turns yellow and you go through the intersection, please make sure you’re not going to get stuck in the middle of the intersection when your light turns red.  Because now, everyone who has a green light can’t go.  There are expletives being screamed in cars at you … and you don’t want expletives being screamed at you, do you?
  • And here’s just a thought: If there’s an accident on the beltline during rush hour traffic because someone wasn’t paying attention, their name should be published online so that they can be publicly shamed.  Pay attention!

Okay so now this is coming off of an almost two-hour commute yesterday and an awful winter for driving anywhere nevertheless the beltline.  So this is a little more negative and mean than I usually like to be.  Once we get a day above 45 degrees, I may have a change of heart and come back and delete this post.  ?  Be careful and be kind, commuters!!

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