Dear Diary

Written by on June 10, 2014

Sometimes we do things we’re so embarrassed by … like this past weekend when we were at the park.  Everett was swinging and swinging and swinging.  Every time I’d slow down he’d say, “MORE SWINGING!”  I’m sure it was a good hour until he finally decided heading home was a good idea.  So I pulled him out of the swing and we raced to the car. 

When I put him in his car seat, I realized he was wet on his butt.  Now it had crazy-rained the day before, so I didn’t think twice about it at first, but then I checked his diaper.   It.  Was.  POOP.  Oh my gosh, poor Everett and his double ear infection are about halfway through the antibiotic …and if you’ve had a kid on an antibiotic … you know the runny, yucky, horrific stuff that comes out of their cute, little butts.  So I first thought of grabbing a wipe, paper towel or anything I could get my hands on to go clean the swing, but then I saw that there was already a little girl in the swing and her daddy was smiling and pushing her up high in the sky.  Who would I be to ruin that special moment for them?  So I closed the door, started the car and raced home. 

I can’t stop thinking about that dad lifting his daughter out of the swing and being extremely stumped at first at how his daughter got poop on her butt without having a dirty diaper.  Then slowly realizing that it had to be another kid’s poop and getting extremely grossed out and angry.  I’m SO ashamed and mortified.  And I really wish I would’ve been wearing a less memorable color than orange.  Dear Diary … please don’t tell anyone.

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