I Have This Thing

Written by on July 9, 2014

I’m one of those people who suffer from Mosquitoitis.  Really.  It’s a thing.  It’s also known as Skeeter Syndrome and I have it. 
When mosquitoes bite me it usually takes 18-24 hours before I notice any symptoms.  But when the symptoms do occur they are much more severe than a slightly itchy pink welt.  The itch is so ghastly it makes me want to climb the walls.  Calamine lotion is of no use.  The welt then spreads into a giant rash that blisters and oozes and sometimes looks like an extreme case of poison ivy.  I sometimes get severe swelling of whatever limb or body part the mosquito decided to have her liquid lunch.  Anaphylaxis is another symptom of Skeeter Syndrome.  I have never experienced that and I hope I never do.  My symptoms are torturous enough.  I want to scratch my skin off and in fact, I have.       
The older I get the more severe my reaction to mosquito bites gets, so I’ve learned to armor myself up before going out dusk to dawn.  Sometimes I look like I’m ready to go build a snowman rather than a fire pit in the backyard.  All that extra clothing gets a generous dousing of mosquito repellent with an extra spray for good measure.  And for all my good measures, somehow, someway Mrs. Mosquito still manages to find a way to probe through my sock or jeans to get at my delicious type O blood.  If blood is like wine to mosquitoes, they must consider mine Champagne.    
If you also suffer from extreme allergic reactions to the proteins in mosquito saliva, take heart.  You are not alone.  I’ve heard that extra strength Benadryl will help.  Don’t be embarrassed by your red, rashy ankles.  Consider them war wounds in your fight against summer’s biggest enemy and be proud that you have not let them take you down and carry you away.      

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