Candy for Easter

So hippity hoppity . . . here comes Easter. It was one of my favorite holidays growing up because . . . well . . . CANDY!  My parents hid jelly beans all over the house. On the ledge of the wainscoting, on top of the TV, and inside the microwave. It was awesome. They hid them so well that we were usually still finding them in September. My brother and sister would find them and get grossed out and throw them away. I was like, “Wait!! That’s a perfectly good jelly bean!”

Now, I’m not sure when Easter made the turn from candy to presents, making this holiday second-in-line behind Christmas, but it has. Of course, I don’t want my kids jacked up on crazy refined sugar for weeks on end, but they need more toys like another hole in their heads. We don’t usually have candy in our house because I’m the worst offender of sneaking the sweet, tasty goodness, so I’m going to go out on limb here and admit that my kids are getting CANDY for Easter: chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs, and jelly beans among many others. They’ll both get a book and a toy as well, but candy for the most part. And I–as most good moms do—plan on stealing it once I finally get them to bed. As long as I don’t forget to hide the wrappers . . . or get really good at holding a straight face while blaming it on their dad.