Lanette’s Blog: Summer’s Here (Almost)

Written by on June 15, 2018

SUMMER!!! It’s not technically here until next week, but this weekend, the heat and humidity are a-comin’. Don’t hate me, but I love this weather. I like sitting in a chair on the deck with a popsicle in this weather. But I won’t be willingly running a 5K when the heat index makes it feel like it’s 104. I also like heading back into the air conditioning to cool down. I love a good cold shower to cool down after I’ve been outside for a little too long. And I’m a big fan of all the ceiling fans on high, pushing a little breeze onto everyone as they sleep. It’s summer. And it’s fantastic.

Some of my greatest childhood memories are from summertime.  The Wet Banana (the cheaper version of the Slip ‘n’ Slide), little plastic pools, badminton, and bike riding. Once you stop caring about the sweat dripping down your back, summer can be fun once again. Take a bottle of water wherever you go and don’t forget to enjoy it.  Because, after all, this is Wisconsin. Winter is never that far away.

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