Kathryn’s Blog: Holy Guacamole

Written by on May 14, 2019

Just thought this little tip would help you out in the kitchen… I know there are many recipes for making guacamole, but I’m just going in line with Lanette’s Lazy Recipes mode here! For starters, an avocado is best when it has turned uniformly brown. I’ve seen many people cut it in half, dig out the pit and scoop it out. Much easier if you gently roll it on the counter, then cut in half. Starting from the little stem, carefully peel it. I then mash it with a potato masher, add packet seasoning, and canned green chilies. For some reason, this keeps it’s bright green color a few hours longer. I also like to add chopped up red peppers, they look so pretty! All mixed up, covered tightly and let set in the fridge for spices to ‘grok’ together. I make mine to top off my black bean burgers with an added slice of tomato. Yummy, and so good for you!


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