Author: Kathryn Vaughn

Snowy landscapes are one of my most favorite things to view and photograph. I think my friend Kim was right when she said it looked like we were in Narnia. For a few days there, the snow was coating everything to make it look clean and magical. Kind of wish I had duck feathers and […]

Cherry cheesecake not only tastes great it looks very ‘holiday’ being red and white. Feeds a big group, too. This recipe is not hard, but it does rule the oven for a while. You will need: 10 in springform pan 5 (8 oz) packages of cream cheese (softened) 6 eggs 2 egg yolks 1 3/4 […]

Super healthy, super simple, super quick to make! You will need: 2 tbl butter 1 Clove of fresh garlic 1 Leek sliced very thin 4 slim stalks of celery cut small 8 oz package small porta bella mushrooms 1 cup Orzo 3 shakes of Tabasco sauce 4 cups of water 3 tea Better then Bullion […]

It’s that time of early fall to get your hands on the pumpkins, ghords, corn, sunflowers, and caramel apples. Yes, you can get a caramel apple at the grocery store, but you can not even compare it to the huge, granny smith doused with caramel and conveniently stabbed with a stick (who ever invented that […]

It’s about time for a ‘Joe the Turtle’ update. Yes, I am very pleased and happy to report that at least Joe’s life has not changed one bit because of Covid. He is in excellent health. He sun baths every day. He does his yoga moves. He sat on my foot and watched the whole DNC with me. […]

With the resurgence of going to the movies by the car load, it was brought to my mind just how much fun drive in theaters are! I was a teenager then and it was a great date night. I will never forget Artie coming to pick me up, a bottle of ‘Tango’ tucked away with […]

How is it that Summer time flies by so fast? That Wisconsin expression, “knee high by the Fourth of July” is true. The corn stocks are rocketing out of the ground. When I planted these flower colors I was thinking of the Norwegian Flag because I live above Nordic Nook, which is a totally Norwegian […]

Well, I promised to take some pictures of these flowers after they had a chance to ‘take.’  These were gathered from 10 different green houses, but the dahlias were from Kopke’s. One of the chartreuse sweet potato leaves (pointy) was from Farm & Fleet (East side) the other was from Millers’ in Mt. Horeb, the […]

I grew up in New Jersey and most of my life was structured a great deal around the awesome diners that Jersey is famous for. Celebrating birthdays, First Holy Communion, graduations, Easter Sunday, funeral breakfasts, wedding anniversaries… then as a teenager, middle of the night pig-outs after concerts or dancing at clubs. They were open […]

It’s that time of the year, before the Lenten fasting begins! ‘Fat Tuesday’ is the one day of hoopla before ‘serious reflection’ of Lent. The marvelous colors, food, and party time feeling is much needed in this last stretch of winter. My friends, Kim and Scott Smith, owners of the Naeset Roe Bed and Breakfast […]

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