Kathryn’s Blog: Pick a Peck’s

Written by on September 29, 2020

It’s that time of early fall to get your hands on the pumpkins, ghords, corn, sunflowers, and caramel apples. Yes, you can get a caramel apple at the grocery store, but you can not even compare it to the huge, granny smith doused with caramel and conveniently stabbed with a stick (who ever invented that is a genius) so you can eat it in the car! There are two Peck’s Markets – not far from each other – on Highway 14 W. I went to the second one that has all the animals outside. I got a few mini pumpkins to decorate the office here at Magic 98, but my friend Kim has them lining the stairs to her back door. They look even better after it rains on them! After having one of those caramel apples I decided I needed to go back and get another one. If you like haunted houses and spooky decor you’ll find that there, too. Cider donuts and baked goods are also for sale as well as a gift store with very unique stuffed animals and scary witches to jazz up your place. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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