Kathryn’s Blog: Flash Back Drive-In Theater

Written by on July 16, 2020

With the resurgence of going to the movies by the car load, it was brought to my mind just how much fun drive in theaters are! I was a teenager then and it was a great date night. I will never forget Artie coming to pick me up, a bottle of ‘Tango’ tucked away with some breath freshening gum as well. I never had ‘Tango’ before, but that pre-made ‘screwdriver’ went down so easy with satly popcorn. I liked Artie a lot and he was a great kisser. The widows were steamed up and for a good while I was having a great time. That is until the ‘Tango’ caught up! Yikes,I was sick as dog out the car window. Artie was so kind and sweet and took me home right away. I had to put up with the excruciatingly embarrassing wolf whistles & shouts of ‘Hot Lips’ out his car window when he would drive by. I only remember it was a lot of fun and no, I don’t remember what the movie was!


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