Kathryn’s Blog: Joe Update

Written by on August 25, 2020

It’s about time for a ‘Joe the Turtle’ update. Yes, I am very pleased and happy to report that at least Joe’s life has not changed one bit because of Covid. He is in excellent health. He sun baths every day. He does his yoga moves. He sat on my foot and watched the whole DNC with me. He likes Joe Biden too. I still stop at the pet store and get him some feeder fish every now and then. These I plop into his tank and don’t watch until he’s eaten them all. Not a pretty sight, but a guarantee that he will get all the essential nutrients a 30 year old green fellow needs to keep him in top form. Every once in a while he’ll hide out under the bathtub (I have a claw foot  in my place) but most times he will stay in the middle of the kitchen or living room floor. I think he gets a kick out of watching me step over him a hundred times. This sign is down the street from my friend who lives in Cambridge. She says frogs and turtles are often on the road and invited me to bring him to her place for a visit. I think the sign is just a little too high for him to read…

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