Fletch’s Blog: Livin’ the Yurt Life

Written by on October 10, 2019

We like to travel, my partner, Kim, and I. We like to try new destinations, new experiences. This weekend we had a new experience, staying in a Mongolian yurt (imported from Mongolia!) on the Rock River in Jefferson County. Our goal was to disconnect, which we achieved! There was no wi-fi and no cell service… just a lot of peace and quiet. As you can see a bit from the photo, a yurt is a cylindrical-shaped tent with a cone-shaped roof, built on a platform. Definitely well suited for “glamping.” Our yurt did have electricity and a few small comforts like a propane heater, electric lamps for reading, and a microwave for tea or instant coffee. What more would you need? Facilities were as you might expect when camping, with an organic toilet/well water sink combo outside. The evenings were quiet and wonderful, with natural noises like wind and rain, though we were snug and dry inside. Early morning sounds included duck hunters with shotguns downriver (it took us a minute to figure that out!). If a great night’s sleep is what you’re looking for (we had a wonderful Queen sized bed), this is about the best way we can think of to get crisp, camping sleep without the back ache from sleeping on the ground!

If you’re interested in checking out where we went, drop me an email, fletch@magic98.com.

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