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Fletch’s Blog: I Like Picking Up Litter, I Like Beer. Two Worlds Collide.

I have volunteered for many things over the years- coaching, leading youth groups, hosting charity events, fixing up homes for those who are unable to do it themselves, and even picking up litter. Oh, and I have volunteered to drink beers, when asked. Sooooo… upon discovering Madison’s new community service/beer
Posted  on April 23, 2019
Fletcher Keyes Blog

Fletcher’s Blog: New Tax Law

New tax law definitely requires me to make a change. It might be doing the same for you. You’ve heard the stories about reduced tax refunds this year. Since we get a few bucks extra in each paycheck, it adds up over the course of a year to reduce any
Posted  on March 6, 2019
Fletcher Keyes Blog

Fletch’s Blog: Local Garden Gems

Maybe it’s because Plant Dane is a local non-profit, it doesn’t get as much exposure as it should, and it should! I love to plant a flower bed, so I was thrilled to discover last year the annual Plant Dane native plant sale that happens just once a year. The
Posted  on February 27, 2019
Fletcher Keyes Blog

Fletcher’s Blog: Thank You & Here Are My Dogs

I’m learning pretty quickly how welcoming Magic 98 listeners can be. For the new guy that’s special, and definitely not taken for granted! Whether it was by phone, email, Facebook, or in person I say “thank you” to the many who have said “welcome to Magic 98” to me, including
Posted  on January 10, 2019
Fletcher Keyes Blog

Fletch’s Blog: Big Shoes To Fill

Pat O’Neill had some very large shoes. As in, “big shoes to fill”. I told Pat that I would try to fill them, even though I don’t believe that anybody really could. But what I promised to Pat was something that I know I can do. I promised Pat that even
Posted  on December 26, 2018
Fletcher Keyes Blog

Fletcher’s Blog: So Close, But So Far Away

So close, but so far away. Except for now. That’s a good description of my relationship with Magic 98. My first encounter with Magic was early in my radio career. I had worked for a couple of years at small-town radio in Ripon, WI, where I had gone to college.
Posted  on December 14, 2018