Month: February 2015

I honestly and truly love it when it’s cold out.  I don’t want to be up fixing telephone poles or being stranded with a flat tire, but I don’t want that in the summer time either!  I sleep deeper in the winter.  I love my hot tea and coffee.  If I’m chatting with friends outside, I love seeing […]

A couple of months ago I blogged about how my Christmas cactus bloomed at Halloween.  Well, to my delight I noticed that my Christmas cactus is all full of buds (even more than at Halloween) and is about to bloom again.  My guess is that it’ll be in full bloom by the next holiday which […]

I’ve been mapping out my brand new vegetable garden that I’ll be putting in my backyard.  I used to have one years ago but neglected it after a few years and let the grass grow back over the plot.  Now I am starting again from scratch and have already measured out how large it will […]

Maybe you’ve read about a recent Supreme Court ruling.  A woman in Iowa was back at her job after taking eight weeks off for maternity leave.  Her new baby was breastfed so she needed a place to pump when she was at work.  After being sent around from one supervisor to another, one told her […]

There are some advantages of getting here to the Magic 98 studio at the crack of dawn.  There is very little traffic while driving here, of course. But this particular morning, the view out of the break room window was pure magic.  It seemed to me that all of these trees were leaning in close to be sure to hear what […]

Fans of American Top 40 are split on the Long Distance Dedications.  Some people love them, and others find them terribly sappy and dumb. (An American Top 40 researcher once told me the AT40 staff was split on them, too.) Although AT40 didn’t start doing them until 1978, Casey been sharing listener letters on his […]

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