A Helping Hand for Dinner

Written by on July 22, 2015

If you haven’t tried Wildtree, you’re missing out.  I’ve been a customer for years.  Their spices, drinks, meals, marinades, crock pot sauces, cinnamon rolls, mixes … you name it, I’ve tried it.  Everyhting is preservative free and organic.  You can pronounce every single thing on the ingredients list.  And now I’m lucky because my sister Karin started selling it!  

Last weekend we did a freezer meal workshop and this is how it worked:  She sends you a grocery list.  You prepare the meat and veggies and put them into big ol’ Ziploc baggies labeled 1 through 10.  Then you get to the workshop and season them with all of the Wildtree stuff, plus add things like fresh lemon juice, red wine and tomato paste depending on the recipe.  You put a label on the bags, double bag them and toss them in your freezer.  Now you have TEN meals ready to throw on the grill on any given night – everything from Chipotle Lime shrimp to steak with Bleu cheese butter or Lemon Pepper and Balsamic Chicken.  You pay for the Wildtree products you use at the workshop and then get to take them home with you.  Having ten meals ready to go after a busy day at work is absolutely priceless.  Next month we’re going to do a crock pot workshop.  After that, a soup workshop. 

Thank you Wildtree from every busy mom … everywhere.  If you’d like to try some of this fabulous stuff, come to a workshop, or host one at your home.  I happen to know someone who can help.  Here’s my sister’s website

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