Customer Service is Key

Written by on November 13, 2015

If you’ve never used for just about anything your heart desires – you’re missing out.  I’ve used it for almost every invitation for anything I’ve ever hosted.  So it was no different when I began to plan my son Everett’s 4th birthday.  He asked for Minions, so Minions he will have!  I worked with an outstanding artist from Australia and she designed thee of the most perfect invites I’ve ever seen.  She sent me the JPEG, so all I needed to do was get these gorgeous invites printed. 

I decided to the printing with a company called Zazzle.  It was a week after placing my order that I realized those should probably be on their way.  I clicked on ‘check order status’ and ‘ORDER CANCELED’ came up.  So I sent an email asking for an explanation.  Four ‘form’ emails later and no real customer service person with a name, I ran out of my kitchen screaming.  This was ridiculous.  Now it turns out that they don’t have the license to print anything Minion – which is a fine explanation -THAT NEEDED TO BE RELAYED TO ME IN A PHONE CALL THE SAME DAY OF THE ORDER.  I tell you this story for two reasons.  One: as a busy person, don’t waste your time on this horrible company.  Two: to remind all of us that customer service is SO important.  And not just customer service, but in everyday life.  Go above and beyond to make the person you’re dealing with feel appreciated and recognize them as important.  It seriously won’t take any of your time and hardly any effort, but the outcome will be fantastic for everyone involved.  I’m hoping the printing department at Office Depot will be able to help me out – or I may have to eat a cheesecake tonight.  Grrrrrr.

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